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Total Theme v 4.6.5

Release Date: May 4th, 2018
  • Added New panel under Tools > Accessibility with some theme options to tweak the theme’s default accessibility functions
  • Added Elementor templates to the list of available templates to select from when using the dynamic template options in the Customizer for built-in post types
  • Added New shortcode “highlight” which can be used to add a modern text highlight to any text. Sample screenshot.
  • Added New filter “wpex_retina_resize” which can be used in your child theme to prevent the default retina image resizing (where retina images display at the same width/height ad the non-retina image would)
  • Added New filter “wpex_category_settings” which can be used to remove the extra settings from the category edit screen
  • Added Screen reader text for the testimonial star ratings
  • Added Option to the Image Grid module so you can define custom link attributes (such as rel, data, etc)
  • Added New function and filter “wpex_woo_archive_has_loop” for enabling the woocommerce loop on the shop/taxonomies dynamically – the function is called in woocommerce.php to check if the loop should show or not
  • Added New filter “wpex_image_sizes_panel” for disabling the Image Sizes panel if wanted via a child theme while still keeping all the image sizing functionality (can be used to hide the panel for specific user roles also)
  • Added Option to the Total Image Banner module to use a custom field or featured image for the background image
  • Added Image Hover animations to the portfolio/staff customizer “archive & entries” settings (same as the ones already available for the blog entries)
  • Added New filters “wpex_footer_builder_insert_hook” and “wpex_footer_builder_insert_priority” if you want to change the default hook where the footer builder is inserted on the site or the action hook priority
  • Added New filters “wpex_header_builder_insert_hook” and “wpex_header_builder_insert_priority” if you want to change the default hook where the footer builder is inserted on the site or the action hook priority
  • Added New filter “wpex_conditional_wpcf7_scripts” – by default the Total theme conditionally loads the Contact Form 7  plugin CSS and JS scripts to speed up your site, but some plugins may be coded in a way that creates issues. This filter allows you to disable the function if needed via your child theme
  • Added Checks for Hosted customers to hide functions/panels that aren’t needed for these users
  • Updated Browser reset so it does not remove the default focus styles on links (for accessibility reasons)
  • Updated Started updating core classes to use the TotalTheme namespace and re-structure core theme files a bit
  • Updated Sticky header javascript – slimmer code & more optimized + custom sticky logo will be pre-loaded on site load for a smoother transition
  • Updated Total builder modules to pass on the $atts variable onto the post thumbnail function for easier modification of images if needed via child theme edits
  • Updated Border accent color in the customizer to use new javascript for live preview
  • Updated Retina.js script to latest version (uses data-rjs instead of data-at2x for defining retina images) also fixes issues with retina previously not working correctly with infinite scroll pagination
  • Updated The way Total carousels work so they render after all images have finished loading to prevent issues with the auto-width setting
  • Updated Integrated owlCarousel script
  • Updated imagesLoaded script to version 4.1.4
  • Updated Easing script to version 1.4.1
  • Updated typed and countUp scripts used for various Total modules and are now conditionally loaded only if the module exists on the page (instead of being included in the theme’s minified js)
  • Updated JetPack integration so if the carousel or titled image galleries are enabled the theme will automatically disable the built-in custom gallery output
  • Fixed RTL issues with mobile menu toggle and sidebar mobile menu dropdown icons
  • Fixed Issue with the Hidden on Desktop & Visible on Desktop visibility options not working in some cases
  • Fixed Issues with dropdowns on the Vertical header style when the “fixed” position is enabled
  • Fixed Theme lightbox not working with the “WooCommerce Additional Variation Images” addon plugin
  • Fixed Unique ID not being applied to the icon box module
  • Fixed PHP 7.2 WPBakery page builder debug notice (must delete and re-install the plugin if you need this tweak)
  • Fixed Incorrect tabindex on social share items and improved accessibility so they trigger on enter
  • Removed “tocca” javascript which was used for image overlays on mobile devices. Overlays now use the core touchstart jQuery event and also added a new PHP filter “wpex_overlay_mobile_support” to disable mobile support for overlays if wanted
  • Removed TouchSwipe and leanerModal scripts from core minified JS file which are no longer being used
No dev notes for this update.
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