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Total Theme v 4.5.4

Release Date: January 3, 2018
  • Added The ability to activate your theme license on one development URL – this way you can always have the theme active on one live site and one development site
  • Added Author bio module for the page builder for use with dynamic templates
  • Added New option under the Theme Panel to enable “Thumbnail Format Icons” which will display the post format (video, audio, gallery, image, standard, quote) icon over the featured image. Enabling this function will do so globally so the icons will be shown on your main blog, categories, tags, related items
  • Added New “list” layout option to the Total navigation bar builder module which displays items one on top of the other but not full-width
  • Added Repeat-x and Repeat-y options to the page builder design options
  • Added Video overlay icon option to Total image module for use with video lightbox
  • Added Ability to define an end time and time zone for the Total counter module
  • Added Ability to display current username for the Total Heading module (great when creating custom user profile pages)
  • Added Options to the Total Image builder module if you want to display the avatar of the post author or the current user
  • Added Button option to the Total Categories carousel module
  • Added New filter “wpex_body_background_settings” which you can use to alter the site background image, color, style or pattern conditionally via PHP instead of CSS if needed (see framework/classes/site-backgrounds.php for usage)
  • Added Start value option to the Total milestone (note: if the value is greater then the value entered for your Number field then it will count down instead of up)
  • Added New filter (technically an action hook) named “wpex_entry_media_after” so you can insert anything after any post media entry
  • Added New filter “wpex_search_action” so you can easily alter the searchform’s action attribute used in the theme’s header and mobile menu
  • Added New filter named “vcex_supports_advanced_parallax” to allow you to disable the Total advanced row parallax background settings – disabled by default when the Massive Addons plugin is enabled to prevent conflicts
  • Added Border option to the Total button module
  • Added Local scroll option to the multi-buttons module
  • Added New filter “wpex_footer_widget_col_classes” for easily tweaking the footer widget column classes (for example if you want to add custom responsive column classes).
  • Added Option to the page builder row settings so you can quickly disable the bottom margin on all columns inside the row
  • Added New filters “wpex_responsive_video_wrap” and “wpex_responsive_audio_wrap” which you can set to false if you want to remove the default theme’s responsive video and audio wrappers used for post entries and featured media blocks
  • Added Email option to social sharing options (disabled by default must enable in the Customizer) and updated the links to use nofollow rel tags and added aria-hidden tags to the font icons
  • Updated CSS for the main layout classes so the main “content-area” element does not have a default width. This is to prevent issues when adding new custom layouts via the “wpex_get_post_layouts” filter and it also slims down the CSS used for layouts
  • Updated The header menu search dropdown function – previously the menu element was always inserted directly into the header element which means javascript was needed to position it on certain header styles and the dropdown search style wasn’t supported for all header styles. Now the dropdown will only be directly in the header for header style 1 but it will be a part of the search icon li element for all other header styles which means no more js is needed and it’s better optimized now. This also means you can use the dropdown search style for the vertical header style.
  • Updated Letter spacing settings in page builder modules to accept em values
  • Updated Total countdown builder module html output to make it easier to style the countdown however you want via CSS and removed leading zeros from the numbers
  • Updated Page builder row “full width on tablets” setting so it doesn’t affect any grid modules added inside the rows
  • Updated The total custom excerpts function to make use of the “get_the_excerpt” filter when showing custom excerpts
  • Updated Spacing module to accept em values
  • Updated Skip to content accessibility button design to be cleaner and match more “standard” skip to content links used on popular sites
  • Updated Improved accessibility for numbered pagination links
  • Updated Archive images without alt tags will no longer revert to post tiles, image title, image caption…etc and will simply display an empty alt tag. This change was made for accessibility reasons. Single post featured images will continue using the post title for the alt for SEO reasons and because these images don’t have a link around them with a title tag.
  • Fixed Issue with the form shortcode not working when the Contact From 7 plugin is inactive
  • Fixed Issue with WordPress categories/archive widget not working when set to “dropdown” in WP 4.9
  • Fixed Issue with not being able to use the post__in parameter for the Advanced Query function in Total page builder modules
  • Fixed Issues with the font_awesome shortcode target and rel attributes
  • Removed Disabled searchform autocomplete for the header menu search dropdown because it looks bad
No dev notes for this update.
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