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Total Theme v

Release Date: January 11, 2018
  • Added Overlay Opacity setting to the Total Image Banner module
  • Added Customizer option under WooCommerce > Single (very bottom) to disable the responsive product tabs on mobile ( by default on mobile the tabs (description/reviews/etc) are hidden and the tab content is displayed in full now, you can disable that behavior)
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin
  • Updated Removed titles tags where not needed and other accessibility improvements
  • Updated Optimized the javascript used for module background and color hovers and responsive font sizes
  • Updated Total Templatera widget to support the Post Grid module
  • Updated Total builder modules so if you are using the post types order plugin with auto sort enabled but set any query orderby parameter it will override the plugin’s auto sort function
  • Updated German translation files provided by customer – (thank you!)
  • Fixed Issues with Instagram widget not working after recent Instagram changes to their site
  • Fixed Image cropping issues with the Post Media module
  • Fixed Issue with object font icons not working in Slider Revolution
  • Fixed Issue with Design Option settings not working in the callout module
  • Fixed Issue with tables having a hover background
No dev notes for this update.
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