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Total Theme v 3.3.3

Release Date: February 21, 2016
  • Added “Fix/hack” to allow pagination for custom Total VC modules on the front-page and on single posts
  • Added New Overlay Style “Categories + Title Bottom Visible” – screenshot
  • Added New helper function and filter ‘wpex_get_tribe_event_date’ so users can tweak the Events Calendar date on the Total Post Types Grid module
  • Added Two new filters so you can alter the Visual Composer “Recent News” module day and month/year outputs –
  • Added New Customizer panel for the Tribe Events plugin with a couple options to change the Events archive and single event layouts.
  • Added New definition “TOTAL_THEME_ACTIVE” for an easy way to test if the Total theme is running on a site – useful for creating extension plugins for Total
  • Added New Class that will display updates for Visual Composer, RevSlider and Templatera in the main updates dashboard after updating your theme
  • Added New core function ‘wpex_get_widget_areas’ that returns an array of registered widget areas
  • Added Ability to select custom sidebars on a per-term (category) basis – screenshot – this sidebar will display not only on the category but also on any posts inside that category!
  • Added Option to change search results image cropping (Theme Panel > Image Sizes). This will alter the cropping only, to alter the actual size you will need to use some Custom CSS. Default is going to be 150×150 which is the same as the default WP “thumbnail” size
  • Added Bottom Margin option to the Icon Box Total VC module for the alternative Image when using Icon Box Style 2 (top icon style)
  • Added Option to translate the Facebook Page Widget
  • Updated Visual Composer & Templatera plugins to their latest versions
  • Updated Font Awesome to version 4.5
  • Updated If a user activates their copy of the Visual Composer the theme will auto disable “theme mode” for the composer
  • Updated Moved some post type customizer options to the main post type editor page where it’s a bit more obvious, to prevent some bugs with custom post type sidebars and because a live preview isn’t needed for these settings –
  • Updated The way the page header with background works to include new divs around the content (title/subheading) for applying the vertical alignment (table styles) this way all content inside the page header is still wrapped inside the theme’s max-width container. If a user adds custom CSS to the page header with background style to left align the content it will be inline with the logo and rest of the site
  • Fixed Total heading module HTML not working as it should
  • Fixed Issue with custom widgets in Total loading too early – moved from after_setup_theme hook to widgets_init
  • Fixed Dashboard debug errors on Staff and Testimonials admin page when disabling their category or tag taxonomy
  • Fixed Issue with retina not working on the Single Image VC module do to the new WP 4.4.0 responsive images function
  • Fixed Missing translations in the Theme Panel and a few other admin sections
  • Fixed A bug with local-scrolling links on other pages of the site in the sidebar mobile menu not opening the new page and scrolling to the section
  • Fixed Visual Composer offset when adding parallax backgrounds
  • Fixed Broken Share link on facebook page widget
  • Removed Min-Height of 50px on the topbar
No dev notes for this update.
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