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Total Theme v 3.0.9

Release Date: September 24, 2015
  • Updated Visual Composer to version 4.7.2
  • Updated Portfolio VC Grid module so if you are using lightbox and an item has an oEmbed video it will open it in the lightbox
  • Updated Icon Box and Teaser box VC modules to output inline JS when using the equal-height-content class so you can see the equal heights in the front-end editor
  • Updated If the Visual Composer is outdated you can NOT dismiss the recommended plugin notice anymore because that’s used to run the plugin update
  • Updated Moved the theme’s built-in breadcrumbs into it’s own class “WPEX_Breadcrumbs” instead of the function wpex_breadcrumbs()
  • Removed Button on the Visual Composer update notice because clicking it was causing the auto updates not to work.
  • Fixed Issues with breadcrumbs under the title style not working when using Yoast SEO
  • Fixed Breadcrumbs title on the shop page
  • Fixed Cart link in breadcrumbs when using WPML
  • Fixed Missing itemprop on the end title for the breadcrumbs which was showing an error in structured data validation
  • Fixed Undefined variable: border_color debug notice in vcex_icon_box.php on line 152
  • Fixed Icon alignment on icon boxes when using the custom width/height settings
  • Fixed Javascript error when user had links on the page that didn’t have an href attribute
  • Fixed Issue with Toggle Menu colors not working when using the “Fixed Site Top” toggle button style
  • Fixed Content not centered/full-width when using the Full-Width row and centered content
  • Fixed Issue where you couldn’t alter the icon color for the Visual Composer FAQ’s when using the “default” style
  • Fixed Some small errors showing up in the Google structured data testing tool
  • Fixed Local scroll animation for the Woo product “reviews” link under the post title
No dev notes for this update.
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