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Total Theme v 1.5.1

Release Date: June 24, 2014

There is a new blog post layout builder go to Theme Options->Blog tab to check it out. Also now for single blog posts you can display the title with the content and have text like "Blog" in the main page header (as many requested). If you want it to go back to the old way just set the option "Post Header Displays" to "Post Title" (screenshot).

  • Fixed Error in mobile-menu.php that shows up for some servers
  • Fixed Issue with single blog posts not working at full-width layout
  • Fixed Issue with content not showing inside a row using the advanced Parallax background
  • Fixed Issue with not found sidr-search.png
  • Fixed Testimonial Slider output so it keeps paragraphs and HTML
  • Fixed Sticky nav for header styles two and three
  • Fixed Boldness that was being applied to all links in the flat skin footer
  • Fixed Padding issue with gaps skin search header replace field
  • Fixed Layout issues with 1 column blog, staff, portfolio grids
  • Fixed There were supposed to be borders on the mega menus but they weren’t showing!
  • Fixed Mobile menu so a searchbox will always display even if disabled from the header
  • Fixed Font family and line-height in textboxes
  • Fixed Responsiveness for the blog thumbnail style
  • Fixed Trying to get property of non-object php debug notice on 404 page
  • Updated Meta options class
  • Updated Title, caption or description will now display on the image grid with no margins style if enabled
  • Updated Recent posts width thumbnails widget to exclude current post
  • Updated Skin classes to make sure WooCommerce css loads first
  • Updated Cleaner bottom box shadow for fixed header on neat skin
  • Updated Changed some selects in the theme panel to button sets
  • Updated Single quote post design so it displays only the quote
  • Updated WooCommerce template file versions
  • Added Javascript so any link with the classname “local-scroll-link” will scroll smoothly to that element
  • Added New Single blog post drag&drop composer to re-order post elements order
  • Added Options to style the searchfield for the mobile menu
  • Added New option for the page slider custom field to place it above the title, menu, header or top bar
  • Added Custom excerpts and readmore buttons for testimonial slider and testimonial grids
  • Added Ability to choose between title, alt, caption or description for the image grid heading
  • Added Social options for users to display in author box
  • Added Option to shrink fixed header on scroll
  • Added New filter wpex_mobile_menu_source so you can add/remove items from the mobile menu
  • Added New filter “wpex_mobile_searchform_placeholder” to alter the text placeholder for the mobile menu
  • Removed Featured image on audio posts so it doesn’t look weird – featured image is used as a fallback though
No dev notes for this update.
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