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Total Theme v 1.4.1

Release Date: June 8, 2014
  • Added New filter wpex_search_placeholder_text so you can alter your header search placeholder text
  • Added A bit more bottom margin to title on the search overlay style
  • Fixed Issues with typography font size setting changes not saving
  • Added New filter wpex_related_staff_args so you can alter the related staff Thu, Jun 5 query
  • Added New Filter ‘wpex_related_portfolio_args’ so you can alter the related portfolio query
  • Fixed Non-Responsive soundcloud embeds when used as the featured audio
  • Added New custom sidebar area for search results
  • Removed Unused scripts from js folder
  • Updated Dequeued WooThemes pretty photo css on single products because it isn’t used
  • Updated Minified faster-menu-dashboard.js
  • Added New parameter “minify” to wpex_global_config (framework/core-functions.php)
  • Updated Theme now loads total-min.js with minified scripts for speed, but you can easily disable auto minify via your child theme
  • Added Advanced parallax background style for rows
  • Removed Default border on google maps added by the visual composer
  • Added New minify js option in the panel under “Other” tab to load all theme js in a single minified file
  • Added New minify CSS option in the theme panel “Other” tab to load all theme css files in a single minify function
  • Fixed Image resizing issue when using 9999 for the height on VC modules
  • Fixed CSS line height issue with pagination numbers
  • Added Width and height attributes to cropped images to increase scores on several page speed testers
  • Updated Cleaned up blog entry code and created new functions at framework/blog/ blog-entry.php for the output
  • Updated Optimized code for the author avatar display in blog entries
  • Updated Renamed wpex_get_featured_image_url to wpex_image to keep code smaller
  • Updated Enabled gallery lightbox for the gallery post format slider
  • Added New filters wpex_image_width and wpex_image_height for altering image cropping via child themes using
  • Added Active class to menu item when local scroll link is clicked
  • Added New wpex_get_template_part function and wpex_get_template_part filter
  • Added New files content-other.php and single-other.php for displaying custom post type entries and posts
  • Updated Social options for the top bar now display name for the label and have default links for the values
No dev notes for this update.
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