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Total Theme v 1.3.6

Release Date: May 11, 2014
  • Fixed Centering issues and max image height issues with the header logo
  • Fixed Undefined property: stdClass::$post_type error when saving bbPress posts
  • Updated Dropdown Top Border Color will also alter the top border for the search dropdown
  • Updated Store Dropdown matches the search dropdown now (top border width and color)
  • Added New WPML language switcher shortcode [wpml_lang_selector]
  • Updated Renamed default.po to en_US.po in the languages folder
  • Fixed Bug where sidebar wouldn’t show on the WooCommerce store if the full-width layout was used for the blog
  • Updated If you set a slider shortcode on the page defined for the WooCommerce shop it will display on the shop
  • Updated Disabled the save warning when a user changes a setting in the theme options
  • Updated Any font icons used in the main navigation will now display in the mobile nav as well
  • Added New function wpex_return_page_header() used to output the wpex_page_header() useful for globally removing the page header
  • Fixed Some unlocalized strings
  •  Fixed “Errors” shown in theme check plugin
  • Added $content_width variable to remove theme check nag
  • Fixed Issue where img logo was overflowing in Firefox when a fixed header height was set
  • Fixed Layout issues with the search header replace style on the boxed layout
  • Updated Categories widget to fix layout issues with child categories
  • Added New function wpex_disable_vc_front_end() so you can enable/disable the
  • Updated Categories widget to fix layout issues with child categories
  • Added New function wpex_set_vc_as_theme() so you can disable the vc_set_as_theme() function via a child theme
  • Added New function wpex_disable_vc_front_end() so you can enable/disable the Visual Composer front-end via a child theme
  • Updated Responsive CSS so the header height is set to “auto” for anything under 959px, fixes some glitches with the fixed header when changing browser size on the desktop
  • Added New theme option ” Run Visual Composer In Theme Mode” so those who purchased the plugin directly can disable it and enter their purchase code
  • Fixed W3C Validation errors for the social sharing buttons and now they also will open in the same window
  • Added new “Shortcodes” dropdown in the TinyMCE editor for the icons, wpml, and other useful built-in shortcodes
  • Fixed Some no-index errors on styling.php if the Visual Composer Extension plugin wasn’t enabled
  • Fixed Issue where breadcrumbs title wouldn’t trim based on theme option if not longer then 8 words
  • Added Options to disable the excerpts on the related portfolio and staff sections
  • Added New function wpex_portfolio_entry_content() displays the title/excerpt for portfolio entries
  • Added New function wpex_portfolio_entry_media() displays the featured image/video for portfolio entries
  • Updated Moved TGMA Script and Recommend Plugin files from the functions folder over to the plugins folder
  • Updated Toggle Bar now uses CSS for displaying so you can easily customize the animation speed and style via your child theme
  • Added Toggle Bar Animations option (with wpex_toggle_bar_animations filter) to choose between fade and fade with slide down animation for the toggle bar
  • Updated CSS to give the lightbox title a little more padding at the top
  • Added New Filter wpex_overlay_date_format use it to alter the date format in the new Title+Date overlay style
No dev notes for this update.
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