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Custom Actions Panel

The Total theme is a very advanced and highly modular framework built on hooks. This means you can easily modify theme parts via your child theme using add_action and remove_action functions such as this example showing how you can insert a template anywhere in the theme via a hook. But, Total is also catered to non-developers so if you are looking to insert a template or custom content via a hook you can do so easily under Theme Panel > Custom Actions. This panel will allow you to enter either HTML or shortcodes to any part of the theme and display it globally.

Adding Template Content to a Hook

Often a customer will want to display a template in a certain area of the site and you can easily do this via the Custom Actions panel.

1. First you will want to create your template under WPBakery > Templates.

2. Copy Your shortcode from the main Templates admin screen.

3. Insert the shortcode into your desired hook.

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