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WooCommerce Cart Icon not Working on Cart or Checkout Pages

The Total theme includes the ability to display a cart icon in your header menu or anywhere via the cart link shortcode. The cart icon in the menu can be set up to display a dropdown or overlay that display the current cart items and both allow you to display the cart items count and/or total price.

Unfortunately because of how WooCommerce is coded if you are using the menu cart icon on your site when viewing the WooCommerce cart or checkout pages when you click on the icon it will simply link to the cart page rather then displaying your cart items dropdown or overlay.

There is no way to fix this inside the theme since it’s a core WooCommerce function which is likely disabled on this pages to prevent conflicts. Luckily when users are already viewing these pages there is little need to actually view their cart items (especially when on the cart page itself).

Now, if your cart icon is not working anywhere on your site perhaps there is another issue going in which case you may want to try disabling 3rd party plugins to see if any are causing a conflict or reach out to us via the ThemeForest comments for support.

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