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Why does the Theme Make Adjustments to the WPBakery Rows?

The WPBakery is an awesome plugin but it does have a little “flaw” (not really a flaw but more of a nuisance). The WPBakery uses negative margins for it’s rows and columns to keep everything inline with the content, that’s good! However, when adding borders and backgrounds to your rows and columns this causes the row to appear outside of the main content like the example below:


While this may not seem like a huge issue to some, it does take away from the aesthetics of your site and can cause some issues when using boxed style layouts or when adding backgrounds to columns (because it essentially removes the spacing between them). Plus, as you increase the margin of your row columns the amount of the row background or border that will be visible outside of the parent container grows and looks worse and worse.

Because of customer complains and requests in the Total theme we have added a few extra divs around the WPBakery elements to offset these negative margins and allow you to add backgrounds and borders to your rows and columns without having them go outside of the parent container and without breaking columns spacing.

3rd Party Plugins Could Potentially Break….Unfortunately this could cause issues with 3rd party WPBakery plugins that add parallax, backgrounds, overlay functions. Because of the way we’ve incorporated our extra classes we’ve been careful to make sure this shouldn’t be the case, however, depending on the way things have been coded in your 3rd party plugin it could break things and we kindly request that if you do have any issues to kindly ask the plugin developer for some assistance as the plugin should be able to still target things correctly. Or have the plugin developer contact us to see if we can work together to provide a fix.

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