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Teaser Box

Use the Teaser element to create cards with an image (or video) followed by a title and text. Great for showcasing features, services, banners, sales, categories or linking to pages on your site.

  • WPBakery
  • Elementor


Simple Teaser Box

This is an example of a basic teaser box element with nothing but an image, heading and text. This is the default display for the Teaser Box element.

Add Borders & Links

This example has a custom border and padding added around the Teaser Box element as well as a link.

Colorful Teaser Box

This example of the Teaser Box has a background color added and white text which makes it stand out. This design would be useful for advertisements.

Create Banners

The Teaser Element is great for creating cool looking banners for your site without having to use a 3rd party service like Canva. Plus, it renders as HTML which is better for SEO.

Image Blobs

Choose from various border radius styles including “blobs” like in this example. You can also center your text and modify your typography.

Select a Custom Font

This Teaser Box has a custom font selected for the heading which will make it stand out as well as a button inserted in the text block as a call to action.

Add a Button