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Why & When Is A Valid Support License Required

You may have noticed when you purchase a WordPress theme on ThemeForest (such as the Total theme) it includes 6 months of free support and once expired you must renew your support license. So what is this support license for? We’ll the best place to start is reading the Envato article here –

Of course updates will always be provided for free and fixes for bugs/issues. However, if you are requesting help with customizations WPExplorer does request a valid support license (which is a lot cheaper for you than hiring a freelancer from your perspective). Customizations are generally not even included in support as you can see from the link above, but at WPExplorer we are happy to help you with small tweaks or in the case of larger modifications guide you in the correct direction. Most developers won’t help with this sort of thing even with a valid support license.

While we do realize some customers may only be creating their own website, please remember most WordPress theme buyers are freelancers getting paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to create websites for their clients. It seems fair to charge a support fee for these customers, especially if they are asking questions almost everyday (and we need to pay our support staff to answer such questions).

In fact just one question you ask already pays for the support license because hiring someone to manage, update and support your WordPress theme would cost you A LOT more money then purchasing a template and support license from us.

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