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Managing Many Images with the Real Media Library Plugin

The Total WordPress theme has some great page builder modules for displaying images on your site (image slider, image carousel and image grid). These modules allow you to select images to display on a per module basis. However, if you are managing tons of images on a singular module things can get a bit slow or a hassle to keep updated. That’s why we’ve added integration with the very awesome, popular and FREE Real Media Library plugin so you can actually manage your photos in the WP dashboard media library and have them automatically displayed in your Total module!

Organizing images in the back-end

When you install and activate the plugin you will have a new panel on the side of your WordPress Media Library called “Folders”. This will allow you to drag and drop any image into a folder so you can organize them.

Displaying Galleries via Total Builder Elements

Once your photos are neatly organized you can display them inside any page using the theme’s Image Grid, Image Carousel or Image Slider element. You will see a new option named “Real Media Folder” where you can select the folder of images you want to display.

Now when you add/remove images in the media library they will be automatically reflected on the front-end. No need to go in and manually edit your page with the Visual Composer for adding/removing pictures! And bulk adding/removing is much easier and faster!

Important: This is a 3rd party plugin so we can’t guarantee that it will exist or be supported forever.
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