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The Toggle element can be used to display a heading that when clicked will reveal text. Group Toggle elements together via the Toggle Group and even enable support for FAQ schema markup.

  • WPBakery
  • Elementor


Toggle Element inside a Toggle Group

Below is an example of the Toggle element inside a Toggle Group with the “Borders” style selected. It also features the default plus icon displayed on the left.

The Toggle Element is an exclusive shortcode in the Total theme which can be added anywhere you need a heading that when clicked reveals hidden text.

Great question! You can add as many Toggle elements as you’d like to your site and anywhere you’d like.

Yes. The Toggle element is actually animated by default so when the question is clicked the answer is revealed with a slideDown type animation. If you wish, you can disable the animation completely.

The Toggle Group is an element exclusive for WPBakery which allows you to group multiple Toggles into a “group”. The main purpose is so that the toggles can be styled in a specific way such as adding borders between each toggle without having to insert divider elements after each one.

Toggle Customizations

The Toggle element has various settings for customizing the colors, typography, icon placement and more. Below is an example of a customized Toggle group.

This toggle element is open by default. Sometimes you may want to display the first toggle element open so the user doesn’t have to click on it to read the first answer.

This toggle has the animation disabled so when the user clicks on the question it will open instantly without any delay or animation. Some people don’t like animations…Do you?

We think the Toggle Element in the Total theme is super awesome. It’s really cool that it can be used in both WPBakery and Elementor. Also, having support for FAQ schema markup is really cool.

Great for FAQ's

The Toggle element is great for adding FAQ’s to your website. It also includes an option to enable FAQ markup which is compatible with Yoast SEO for creating an FAQ page.

Frequently asked questions

Below is an example of the Toggle element used for an FAQ section on your site.

That is a great question! Do you need to display FAQ’s or reveal text somewhere? If so, then you probably should use the Toggle element.

Yes, the Toggle element is an exclusive Total theme element that isn’t included in WPBakery or Elementor by default. You will only find this specific element in the official Total WordPress theme.

You shouldn’t specifically use the Toggle element for SEO reasons. It’s most important to think about UI and UX when it comes to creating your website and SEO will follow. If people like your site and find it useful they will share it with others and that will help your SEO.

Simply enable the “FAQ Markup” setting when adding a toggle to your site and the theme will do the rest. The element will insert inline structured data markup. This setting is best used with a 3rd party plugin like Yoast SEO which allows you to set a page as an FAQ page type.

Yes you can! The Post Cards element includes support for FAQ style cards so you can display posts where the post title is the question and the post content is the answer. So if you want you can create an FAQ post type on your site to add your questions and answers then display them with the Post Cards element.