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Testimonials Grid

The Testimonials Grid element can be used to display a grid of your testimonials. This is an older element that was added before the Post Cards element, we recommend using the later.

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Yesterday I saw that my first purchase of the Total theme was 6 years ago – rated it 5 stars – and I asked myself, which theme, plugin or other tool do I still use since then. My answer was: only Total!

As so many other customers mentioned, besides being probably the most well thought-out theme here, nothing can top AJ’s support and dedication to the theme and his customers. Thanks so much for all your hard work and your time.

Its the best light weight wordpress theme I have been using for the website, and it is super fast and has amazing features to customize almost everything – somethings need CSS Short-codes which are also very well given in documentation. I have been using this theme with both Visual Composer and Elementor Pro & it’s addons – it works perfect.

I have used Total five different times now on different projects, and the ease of customization always blows me away! There’s very little this theme can’t do; and every change and update is a breeze. I have tried other themes in the past, but always find myself coming back to Total when the others just don’t measure up. You have created an intuitive and easy to use theme that is worth every single penny.

This WordPress template truly stands behind its name, Total. It has everything you could possibly think of when building various websites. Every time I thought a feature didn’t exist and would have to rely on a plugin, this template proves me wrong every time. My gosh, let’s not forget about the documentation, it is very well documented and up-to-date.

One piece of advice, before you go and chop up the template to include a custom feature, check the documentation. They may already have that feature in the template for you to use 😉

I have to say Total is still best theme out there after using it on over 50 clients sites the last 5 years. Just had to work with a DIVI theme for a new client and it’s nowhere in quality and flexibility compared to Total. I have to switch to Total if the client wants us to maintain their site.

But of most value is the support for us when we need it. Alway fast & responsive, Total has certainly contributed to our success as a business.

SUPERB THEME!!! Unbelievable options to customize everything and anything you can imagine. I have used dozens and dozens of themes and this one is by far the most well thought out theme of all. There is literally a way to do ANYTHING (unlike many other themes). I highly recommend this theme due to its flexibility. There are A LOT of options and settings that can be customized which can be overwhelming for some, but if you take the time to read the docs and learn your way around, you’ll have a hard time using another theme for its lack of options. To the author… please always keep updating this theme as it is a stand-out!

If you’ve enabled WPBakery Slim Mode the Testimonials Grid element will not be available for use since you can use the newer and better Post Cards element instead. By using the Post Cards element you will have access to tons of preset card styles and the ability to create your own cards!