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The Icon element allows you to display a singular icon on a page. Add icons from the included 6 icon sets – Theme Icons, Font Awesome, Open Iconic, Typicons, Entypo and Linecons. Hundreds of icons to choose from and customization options for color, background, size, alignment, hover styles, link options, CSS animation and more!

  • WPBakery


Below are only a few of the hundreds of icons you can choose from!

Choose Your Size

Select from preset icon sizes which use CSS variables so you can control them globally or enter a custom size for your icon. Since icons use SVG’s or Fonts you can control their size and color easily.

Any Color You Want

And of course you can select from your color palette, the theme’s accent colors or a custom color for your icon. This is much easier then creating icons in Photoshop!

Add Backgrounds & Borders

Make icons pop with a bold background and or border. You can really transform the look of any icon by tweaking the design a bit.