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Icon Box

The Icon Box element allows you to display an icon with a heading, text and or button. The element is ideal for displaying services and features on your site but could really be used for just about anything.

  • WPBakery
  • Elementor


Left Icon

The default icon box layout displays an icon to the left of the heading and content.

Top Icon

You can also choose to place your icon at the top before your heading and even give the element a custom background.

Right Icon

Or you can choose to display your icon to the right of your text if you prefer.

Thousands of Icons

Choose from thousands of built-in icon options or use your own custom icon or image. You can also choose to display an icon from a custom field for dynamic icon boxes.

Outlines are Cool

There are so many customizations you can make to the icon box to make it truly unique. You can add a purple outline for example!

Box Shadows are Nice

Perhaps you just want a simple clean design using a box shadow. Make sure to hover on this icon box so you can see the shadow affect.

Icon Over Border

By simply adding a negative top margin to our icon that is equal to half the custom icon height you can display your icon over the border. This is a really cool affect, huh?


Custom Characters

If you don’t want to display an icon, don’t worry! You can enter any custom character you want including shortcodes instead of selecting an icon.