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Importing Only Demo Customizer Settings (Theme Options)

The Customizer settings is what gives the various demos their unique “feel”. The Customizer is used for the main colors, layouts and settings of the Total theme – NOT the content. So if there is a particular demo that has a unique look/design you like you can actually import the Customizer Settings from the demo to get that look quickly rather then going through all the settings yourself. For example the “Agent” demo has a black header with green accents, these are done via the Customizer styling options.

Important: Importing the Customizer settings from any demo will reset all customizer settings and replace them with the imported ones.

How to Import the Settings?

Simply go to Theme Panel > Demo Importer and locate the demo you want to import the settings from and click on it. It will ask you to enable any of the required plugins for this demo, you must enable them even if you don’t want them in order to continue to the next step (you can always disable them afterwards). Then click the “next” button and in the next page you can un-check everything but the Customizer Settings for import so it will only import that and then finally click the “Confirm Import” button.


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