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Snippet: Hide Top Bar Social on Small Devices

The following snippet can be used if you wish to hide the top bar social icons on small (mobile) devices. It works by hooking into the "wpex_topbar_social_class" filter and modifying the classes to add a hidden class at your defined top bar breakpoint.

 * Alter the top bar classes.
 * @link
add_filter( 'totaltheme/topbar/social/wrapper_class', function( $class ) {

	// Get breakpoint at which the top bar becomes centered as defined in the Customizer
	$breakpoint = \TotalTheme\Topbar\Core::breakpoint();

	// Add custom classes to hide top bar social on small devices
	$class[] = 'wpex-hidden wpex-' . sanitize_html_class( $breakpoint ) . '-block';

	// Return class
	return $class;
} );
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