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Snippet: Define a Fallback for the Image Element

The following snippet will show you how to set a fallback image ID for the Image Element when it's set to display a featured image. Now, if you want to actually display a fallback for ANY featured image on your site (elements, widgets, cards, etc) you may want to instead use the following snippet.

 * Set fallback for the Image element when set to display the featured image.
 * @link
add_action( 'shortcode_atts_vcex_image', function( $atts ) {
    if ( isset( $atts['source'] ) && 'featured' === $atts['source'] && ! has_post_thumbnail() ) {
        $atts['source'] = 'media_library';
        $atts['image_id'] = '42'; // THE IMAGE ID YOU WANT TO SHOW.
    return $atts;
}, 10 );
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