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Total Theme v 5.9

Release Date: July 3, 2023

New Video Element

New exclusive "Video" element which allows you to display an embedded or self-hosted video from a URL, media library or custom field and includes an image overlay setting for lazy loading. If you have WPBakery Slim Mode enabled the "Video Player" element will be placed in the "Deprecated" tab when selecting elements to insert.

  • Added New Demos: Finance
  • Added New video element.
  • Added New “Aspect Ratio” and “Object Fit” options added to the Post Cards, Image, Image Swap, Image Grid and Image Carousel elements so you can easily control the image sizes without having to crop them.
  • Added New “WooCommerce Best Selling” Query type added to the Post Cards element.
  • Added Star Background and Dimensions options added to the Star Rating element.
  • Added “Child Pages” option added to the Navigation Bar Menu setting and the Post Cards Element Query Type setting.
  • Added option to the Search Bar element to enter a custom action URL and custom input name.
  • Added New dynamic variables: {{current_url}}, {{post_content}}, {{post_excerpt}} and {{card_icon}}.
  • Added Options added to the Social Share element so you can change the background and icon colors.
  • Added Option to disable the Video Background loop.
  • Added “Icon Alternative Character” option added to the Divider element.
  • Added “Lazy Load” option added to the Facebook Page widget.
  • Updated Bundled plugins Total Theme Core, Templatera & Slider Revolution.
  • Updated The Self hosted video setting for WPBakery rows has been updated to include a select button to make it easier to locate and insert your videp from your media library.
  • Updated When using the Star Rating element in a Dynamic Template or Custom card if the rating is empty it will use 4.5 as a default rating instead of displaying a blank area so it’s easier to work with using the Front-End editor or Elementor.
  • Updated The Star Rating element can now be inserted inside the Flex Container.
  • Updated Changed the default Page Header Title for 404 pages to “Error 404” instead of “404: Page Not Found” because the page content had the words “this page could not be found.” so it read as duplicate content.
  • Updated Optimized the CSS used to apply typography styles to headings and buttons and the inline CSS added to the page when choosing custom typography options for these elements in the Customizer. This allows utility classes to override user defined settings and prevents conflicts with Gutenberg and other builders.
  • Updated Self-hosted videos used for video post format posts no longer uses the “wp_video_shortcode” function and self-hosted audio files used for audio post format posts no longer use the “wp_audio_shortcode” – both which are core WordPress functions that load extra scripts on the site that override the default browser players and slows things down.
  • Updated The Template Widget now allows you to select both from Dynamic Template parts and Templatera Templates.
  • Updated Icon, List Item and Image Swap elements have been updated to use the same Onclick settings as other elements such as the Icon Box for consistency.
  • Updated The You can now use the Icon Box element when creating custom cards (you can see an example on the landing page here).
  • Updated Moved the width setting in the Text Block element to it’s own Style tab.
  • Updated Various theme elements that have an alignment option now allow you to choose “None” to remove the default alignment.
  • Updated If you disable Dynamic Templates in the Theme Panel the theme will display Templatera templates as options in the various Dynamic Template fields as an alternative to using this snippet.
  • Updated Previously the theme would automatically remove the function in WordPress that converts smileys into emojis, the theme no longer does this.
  • Updated The Image Swap Element and WooCommerce image swap entry style have been updated to work with transparent images and to prevent the secondary image from showing during page load.
  • Updated The archives widget has been updated to display the counters to the far side to match the categories widget.
  • Fixed When setting a custom heading color in the Customizer Typography tab it was affecting the new Overlay style cards causing issues.
  • Fixed Icon Boxes were not rendering at their correct widths when used inside the Grid/Flex containers (delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin for the fix)
  • Fixed Heading (h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6) margins were not properly being set when using Gutenberg and were not respecting the defined custom margins from Customize > Typography.
  • Fixed When using the “Term Based Dynamic Post Templates for Total” plugin if you had previously selected a Templatera template and you edit the term the dropdown would be empty.
  • Fixed Custom typography settings applied to buttons in the Customizer will now properly apply to Gutenberg buttons.
  • Fixed The Image Banner was not properly displaying images when set to a custom field.
  • Fixed When disabling the title, price, star rating or button from WooCommerce product entries the elements weren’t being removed from the WooCommerce card when using the Post Cards element.
  • Fixed Centered card styles have been updated to work properly with the “Media Max Width” Post Cards setting.
  • Fixed The Teaser element was not properly adding the link to the image.
  • Fixed When using UberMenu and the Mobile Menu alternative menu location the theme was still showing the UberMenu mobile menu instead of the theme’s alternative menu location.
  • Fixed The Search Bar Input font size field was not working.
  • Fixed When using the Easy Notification Bar plugin with sticky enabled along with the theme’s “Site Frame Border” the notification bar was being covered over by the site frame.
  • Fixed The menu cart icon was not correctly linking to the cart page while on the checkout page.
  • Fixed Custom cards were not working correctly when used with the Next/Previous Post Links element.
  • Fixed There was a bug when disabling the theme’s built-in post types (portfolio, staff, testimonials) if you were re-adding them via the Post Types Unlimited plugin you couldn’t remove the theme’s Page Settings metabox or Card settings.
  • Fixed Mobile Menu missing indentations for dropdowns when using the Mobile Menu Alternative menu location.
  • Fixed When using an “Internal Link” with a theme element and custom URL parameters the parameters were being stripped out.
  • Fixed There was an issue with the Post Cards “Posts by Author or Current Staff Member” Query Type not working with the Assign Staff as Author plugin.
  • Fixed Videos inserted via the classic editor (via oEmbed) were not getting wrapped in a <p> tag thus causing spacing issues.
  • Fixed The posts page was missing the bottom padding added to the #primary element.
  • Fixed The Image Grid element could cause an infinite loop when used inside a custom card and the Post Cards element.
  • Fixed Using 0 for a carousel “Margin Between Items” setting was not working.


  • Added - New utility classes for sticky position (wpex-sticky, wpex-sm-sticky, wpex-md-sticky, wpex-lg-sticky, wpex-xl-sticky)
  • Added - New utility classes for text decoration style (wpex-decoration-solid,wpex-decoration-double,wpex-decoration-dotted,wpex-decoration-dashed,wpex-decoration-wavy)
  • Added - New aspect ratio utility classes (wpex-aspect-1-1,wpex-aspect-16-9,wpex-aspect-4-3).
  • Added - New get_the_icon() method added to the WPEX_Card class which will return just the card icon HTML without the wpex-card-icon wrapper - used by the new {{card_icon}} dynamic variable.
  • Updated - The text block now uses left/right auto margins instead of floats when adding a custom width and left/right alignment to prevent layout flow issues and keep consistency with other elements.
  • Updated - The heading element no longer adds an auto margin by default to the element to prevent issues with flex containers.
  • Updated - The heading element no longer has the "Float" option enabled by default when adding a custom width and a left/right alignment. This is done for consistency and prevent content flow issues.
  • Updated - The Image Swap element has been updated to include a new vcex-image-swap-inner element and when you add styles via the CSS tab it will now be added to the main element instead of creating an extra wrapper, plus links will now be added to the parent vcex-image-swap element so if you add a padding the link is correctly added around the entire container.
  • Updated - The menu-button element has been updated to use the same typography CSS variables as theme buttons.
  • Updated - If a specific post card doesn't have any output the theme will no longer render the card to prevent empty spaces. This specifically fixes issues with WooCommerce cards which have an extra visibility check.
  • Updated - The Star Rating element has new classes to make it easier to target with CSS.
  • Updated - The "mobile-menu-toggle" classname can be added to button elements.
  • Updated - The TotalTheme\Typography class has been updated to remove support for default values which is no longer needed (was required in the past when the theme used Open Sans as the default font family). This change prevents unnecessary checks if a typography setting doesn't have any custom values.
  • Updated - The theme icons CSS file has it's own version number now since we don't have to cache bust it with every theme update.
  • Updated - Optimized the javascript used to calculate the local scroll offset based on sticky elements which previously ran on site load and on resize. The code now runs when a local scroll link is clicked.
  • Updated - The Search Bar alignment has been updated to use auto margins instead of floats.
  • Updated - Optimized the loading of CSS for the Theme Settings and Gallery metaboxes to prevent FOC.
  • Updated - Various elements that were previously using max_width are now using width to prevent issues with the Flex Container.
  • Updated - The code used to translate internal links defined in theme elements will now only run if WPML or Polylang is active.
  • Updated - The code used to remove the WP custom emoji scripts has been updated to remove them from the WP admin as well.
  • Updated - The WPEX_Breadcrumbs class is now autoloaded only when needed.
  • Updated - The WPEX_Meta_Factory class now accepts a callable function for the fields value this way the fields don't need to be stored in memory and can be loaded only as needed.
  • Updated - Optimized the way the WPEX_Meta_Factory inserts and saves the metaboxes.
  • Updated - Optimized the code associated with the "wpex_get_video_embed_url_params" filter.
  • Updated - The CSS used for responsive videos has been optimized to make use of the modern aspect-ratio CSS property instead of absolute positioning and padding.
  • Fixed - The heading utility classes wpex-h2, wpex-h3, wpex-h4...etc where not applying the default heading styles.
  • Fixed - The wpex-heading, vcex-heading, and entry-title elements were not properly inheriting the body text-transform or font-style properties.
  • Removed - Deprecated the "wpex_generate_advanced_styles" filter.
  • Removed - Removed some unused internal functions including wpex_sanitize_image, wpex_clean_up_shortcodes, wpex_get_button_custom_color_css and wpex_sanitize_line_height.
  • Removed - Deprecated CSS classes that haven't been used for several years that used to work with a custom border radius setting for Visual Composer columns: vcex-border-radius-5, vcex-border-radius-10, vcex-border-radius-15, vcex-border-radius-20

New Hooks

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