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Total Theme v 5.7.1

Release Date: February 7, 2023
  • Added The Post Cards “Query Type” options have been updated to include “WooCommerce Featured Products” and “WooCommerce On Sale Products”.
  • Added You can now use the classname “flip-dropdown” on a menu item so that the menu dropdown opens to the left incase it’s the last dropdown to prevent it from overflowing.
  • Added You can now select ” Full Height” for the Gutenberg Query Loop Post Template block style.
  • Added You can now select “Numbers Only” for the Gutenberg Query Pagination block style.
  • Added New options added to the Toggle Group element.
  • Added New option “Bring to Front” added for Section/Row Dividers. When enabled it adds a z-index to the divider so that it’s placed on top of any content.
  • Added You can now choose the default ordering for the Post Series via the Customizer (ASC or DESC).
  • Updated Slider Revolution Plugin & Total Theme Core.
  • Updated Optimized the javascript used when opening modal windows (lightbox, mobile menu, search overlay) to work better when the user has visible scrollbars enabled on their computer.
  • Updated The Multi-buttons element has been updated to reduce the amount of default CSS needed for the element.
  • Updated The Card Settings metabox icon popup selector design has been updated.
  • Updated You can now use the “local-scroll-link” classname on toggle element buttons.
  • Updated When clicking on local scroll links that go to WPBakery tabs the theme will now open the tab then scroll to it.
  • Updated On multi-sites if you’ve activated the theme license on the main site the theme will now hide the theme license page from all sub-sites to prevent confusion. You can now also access the theme license panel in the Network admin under Themes > Total Theme License when the theme is enabled on the primary site.
  • Fixed When using the masonry grid the items may not have been shown in their correct order.
  • Fixed Overlay, Advanced Parallax and Self hosted videos were not working for the “Section” element.
  • Fixed Gutenberg default loop styles were not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed There were some issues with the alignfull and alignwide classes when used on inner blocks as well as when using the boxed site layout.
  • Fixed Lightbox was not working for Gutenberg galleries because of changes in the core block.
  • Fixed There was a bug when dragging items in the WPBakery front-end editor that could cause the selected item icon to displace making it a bit hard to drag things around.
  • Fixed When using stretched rows with stretched content the content could potentially overflow when scrollbars are visible on the page.
  • Fixed Borders were not showing in the sidebar mobile menu when disabling the Dark Surface.


  • Added - The "single-content" classname has been added to the blog post content block for consistency with other post types.
  • Updated - The Sidebar mobile menu will now use the default dark surface border color instead of a custom one. The custom border color is now only applied when a custom background color so there aren't any issues when updating.
  • Updated - The javascript used for the different mobile menu styles is now separated into different js files and loaded based on the selected style to slim things down.
  • Updated - The css used for WPBakery full stretch rows has been modified to prevent issues with a known WPRocket minify CSS bug.
  • Updated - New filters have been added to control the sticky header mobile support and breakpoint so you can control things a bit more when using the header builder.
  • Updated - The javascript used for AJAX Post Card filters has been optimized to be a bit more efficient and slimmer.
  • Updated - The names used to store the theme license in the options table have been renamed.

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