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Total Theme v 5.4.4

Release Date: July 3, 2022

We've added a Total exclusive optimization that prevents the WPBakery page builder from unnecessarily loading its main JS file (js_composer_front.min.js) and the dependent jQuery library. Most builder elements don't require the scripts so it should provide a significant optimization for most or all pages on your site. We've made sure to include all needed checks and even extra fallbacks but it's possible if you are using a 3rd party WPBakery plugin that make use of the scripts for some reason (there shouldn't be any need for it) you may need to disable the optimization via the new option added at Theme Panel > WPBakery Optimized JS.

  • Added New setting added to the WPBakery Row element so you can set the Column widths to take on the default Layout widths (content area + sidebar widths) defined in the Customizer. This way if you create a dynamic template and want to insert a row with a sidebar you can use this new setting to ensure the layout used in the dynamic template matches other standard pages with sidebars. It also gives you more control over the widths. This setting will work with any 2 column layout (1/2+1/2, 1/3+2/3, etc).
  • Added Reddit has been added social options.
  • Added Extra classname and Unique ID options added to the Social Share & Post Comments elements.
  • Added “Active Toggle Text” setting will now display when the Button element “On click action” is set to “Toggle Element” so that you can display a different text when the button is active and the toggle area is visible (sample usage).
  • Added No Comments shortcode can be used to display the number of comments on the current post (by default the shortcode will display formatted text like “10 Comments” but you can use format=”false” to display only a number).
  • Added Customizer options added under the Social Share Buttons tab so you can enter custom labels for your buttons (for example if you want to change “Twitter” to “Tweet”.
  • Added Customizer option added to enter a custom placeholder text for the header search.
  • Updated Total Theme Core updated to version 1.4.4
  • UpdatEd You can now insert the Feature Box into the Grid & Flex containers.
  • Updated The Youtube social icon now uses a play button icon instead which is more readable.
  • Fixed The feature box Image was not properly stretching when the Vertical Align option was enabled.
  • Fixed When disabling the dark surface on the Sidebar mobile menu the links would still hover white.
  • Fixed When displaying a video lightbox via the Theme button using a shortcode the url was not being parsed correctly (when the lightbox type field was set to video instead of default).
  • Fixed When assigning a Custom Widget area to a post type it was only being applied to the singular post and not the post type archive.
  • Fixed The Header Replace search style was not inheriting the header text color defined in the Customizer so if you had a custom header background and color it was still displaying with the default gray text.
  • Fixed The Image Swap overlay style was not swapping image when tabbing with the keyboard.
  • Fixed The Image Swap overlay style was not swapping back when double tapping on mobile devices or swiping.
  • Fixed The header background was incorrect when using the Boxed Layout with a custom inner content background color and a custom header background color.
  • Fixed The Social links element was incorrectly expanding the links when the Labels setting was enabled.
  • Fixed Icon Boxes were not “stretching” inside grid/flex containers when they had a CSS animation and/or URL wrap.


  • Updated - The Widget Areas class has been updated to make use of the new str_starts_with function in PHP 8.0 if available.
  • Updated - The Social Profiles Widget now uses the "wpex_social_profile_options_list" function to pull the social icon class for consistency.
  • Updated - Optimized the javascript used for the image overlays touch support so it listens to events on the document to prevent the need to re-trigger the function when using ajax functions.
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