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Total Theme v 5.4.2

Release Date: May 16, 2022
  • Added New Card Styles added (Blog 14, Blog 15, Blog List 13, Blog List 14, Blog List 15).
  • Added The Post Cards element now allows you to select “Modern CSS Grid” as a Grid Style option.
  • Updated Staff 3 Card style now properly extends the white background so each entry has the same height.
  • Updated Blog Entry meta date now uses the time element instead of a span to be consistent with the singular meta.
  • Updated The Theme Settings “Overlay Header” fields were renamed to “Transparent Header” to keep consistency with the Customizer.
  • Updated Newsletter widget to include the “required” attribute when submitting the form.
  • Fixed Firefox bug not correctly rendering the Theme Panel toggle arrows.
  • Fixed Undefined “$post” error potentially showing in the admin when editing a post.
  • Fixed Some fields when editing WPBakery were rendering a bit taller than others.
  • Fixed The Transparent Header Offset setting in WPBakery rows was adding a space when using a Flex header style even if the Transparent Header wasn’t enabled on the page.
  • Fixed Javascript error when the Site Header was disabled, the Mobile menu was set to Full Screen and there was a Mobile Menu alternative defined.
  • Fixed It wasn’t possible to edit the Terms Grid element to remove the title and the description.


  • Added - New "wpex_conditional_logic_callable_whitelist" filter.
  • Added - New "wpex_user_access_callable_whitelist" filter.
  • Added - New "wpex_sticky_header_breakpoint" filter.
  • Added - New "wpex_cpt_single_blocks_choices" filter.
  • Added - New "wpex_cpt_entry_blocks_choices" filter.
  • Added - New "wpex_meta_block_icon" filter.
  • Added - New "wpex_meta_args" filter (new filter makes it easier to modify meta blocks globally, change date format, disable author link, etc).
  • Added - New PHP Classes to handle single and entry "blocks" to optimize code a bit.
  • Added - New partial files at partials/meta/blocks/ added for use with the post meta element to keep consistency across all post types (make things easier to modify via a child theme) and keep the code DRY.
  • Updated - Custom Single/Entry blocks will no longer render if saved in the Customizer but not registered. This way if you had added a custom block via a snippet (sample snippet) and then removed the snippet the theme won't try and render the previously added block saved in the Customizer. In other words....only registered blocks will now render on the page.
  • Updated - Changed the text domain from "total" to "js_composer" for the Design Options string used in custom settings added by the theme to the WPBakery row, column and section elements to prevent potential issues with double tabs showing up when translated in the plugin but not the theme.
  • Updated - The "wpex_get_theme_icon_html" function will not add any html to the page if the icon parameter is an empty string or null.
  • Updated - Total Theme Core Domain Path tag has been updated to include trailing forward slash.
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