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Total Theme v 5.16

Release Date: June 11, 2024
  • Added 🎨 New Custom color picker allows you to choose from the theme’s color scheme colors, accent and your custom color palette colors from any theme setting. This means you can assign colors anywhere and control them globally! Plus, you can now access alpha transparency colors in the Customizer.
  • Added You can now select “Transparent” when setting custom colors in the Customizer or WPBakery theme elements.
  • Added Option to control the max width for the WooCommerce cart thumbnail.
  • Added New Health Check to ensure your theme license is active and you are receiving update notifications.
  • Added Customizer option to the Custom Login panel to disable the WordPress Language Switcher.
  • Added Extra checks to the Font Manager so only users with the “edit_theme_options” capabilities can manage the fonts.
  • Updated Slider Revolution.
  • Updated You can now use the theme’s global font sizes (sm,md,lg,xl,2xl,3xl,4xl,5xl,6xl,7x) in the Customizer’s Typography panel to keep consistency across your site.
  • Updated The Theme Settings meta box now uses the WPEX_Meta_Factory class instead of it’s own separate code for consistency and to keep things DRY.
  • Updated The Theme Settings meta box now uses buttons for various default/on/off settings instead of the select dropdown.
  • Updated The theme will no longer apply custom editor styles to all tinyMCE editors to prevent conflicts with plugins such as ACF and Elementor. Styles will only be applied in the post content editor, Gutenberg and the WPBakery editor (there is no way to disable from WPBakery due to a plugin issue).
  • Updated When modifying the surface 1 and site background colors in the Customizer they will now be applied to the Classic and Gutenberg editors when not using the “Boxed” site layout (so if you make your site background black and your text white it will match in the backend).
  • Updated When disabling “Editor Styles” in the Theme Panel CSS will still be loaded for the theme’s blocks.
  • Updated The “Query Specific Posts” Post Cards setting now allows you to drag/drop the selected posts to sort them.
  • Updated Since Yoast removed their Customizer settings we’ve had to remove the theme setting to enable/disable Yoast for the theme which was located in the Yoast Customizer tab. Yoast has it’s own setting now in their own panel named “Enable breadcrumbs for your theme” which you’ll need to use now to control whether the theme uses the Yoast breadcrumbs or the theme’s breadcrumbs. When updating to v5.16, the theme will automatically enable the Yoast setting if the deprecated theme setting was previously enabled.
  • Updated The Breadcrumbs element will now display the Rank Math SEO breadcrumbs if enabled via the plugin settings.
  • Updated The Custom Login logo will now automatically adjust to fit so it always looks good regardless of the selected logo size.
  • Updated You can now enter any value into the Custom Login width, top margin and logo height options.
  • Fixed The Customizer Manager was showing the Typography tab even if it was disabled in the main Theme Panel.
  • Fixed Issue with the older Equal Heights javascript not working causing potential issues in the older Grid elements and the default grid style blog layout/
  • Fixed The Teaser element’s heading margin setting was not working.
  • Fixed Issue where the default max width of 50px applied to the WooCommerce cart thumbnails may target other images inserted into the cart table by 3rd party plugins.
  • Fixed Debug error “undefined $date_format in vcex_post_meta.php on line 347”.
  • Fixed Issue with video lightbox not working when using a shortcode for the video URL value.
  • Fixed The CSS Animation setting was not working in the Post Content element.
  • Fixed When adding the “Posts Page” to the navigation bar element it was not showing as active while on the page.
  • Fixed Responsive issues when using a Custom Login design.
  • Fixed When adding a custom input color for the Custom Login form, the hide password form eye icon was not taking on the custom color.
  • Fixed The customizer and card icon select modal window search bar design broke with recent WP updates.
  • Fixed Issue with the Testimonial Slider always displaying the thumbnails even if disabled.
  • Fixed The theme was not adding quotes around multi-word font family names in certain situations.
  • Removed The ability to activate a license in “dev” mode.


  • Updated - Optimized the Navigation Bar element to cache certain checks (is_home, is_tax, is_shop, etc) before looping through menu items.
  • Updated - Optimized the way the theme's Customizer class loops through settings that output inline CSS.
  • Updated - Optimized the get_terms() query used to get the list of terms with colors for adding their inline CSS.
  • Updated - Optimized the Custom Login class so hooks are only added where needed and optimized the way options are saved.
  • Updated - The Galllery Metabox has been updated so only images can be selected and saved.
  • Updated - Font Family sanitization has been updated so single quotes are only added around multiple word fonts.
  • Updated - The WooCommerce custom add to cart amount with arrows now displays as an inline-flex element instead of flex so it will adapt automatically to the parent text alignment.
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