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Total Theme v 5.1.2

Release Date: May 25, 2021
  • Added Option to the Post Cards element so you can select a custom template for your modal popup (sample video).
  • Added Option to the Post Cards element to enable/disable the modal window title when using the modal link type.
  • Added Image Title & Image Caption settings to the Total Image element so you can override the default for use with overlay styles and the caption setting. Also useful if using external images that don’t have titles/captions by default (update is live, you can delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin for these new settings).
  • Added Theme CSS Framework to the loaded styles for Gutenberg so they can be used in the Additional CSS field and view the changes in the editor (sample screenshot).
  • Added Support for the RankMath plugin breadcrumbs.
  • Added Customizer setting for the Toggle mobile menu to enable/disable the opening/closing slideDown animation.
  • Added Aria label to the breadcrumbs (new setting added under Theme Panel > Accessibility > Aria Labels to modify it if needed).
  • Added Option to the Gallery Slider element to select your crop location for the thumbnails.
  • Updated Total Theme Core to version 1.2.10
  • Updated Theme Panel design a bit to better match WordPress styles and look cleaner.
  • Updated Theme Panel Google Analytics ID field to support the new Google Analytics 4 G-XXXXXXX format.
  • Updated Default theme accent color (blue) for accessibility reasons, aka better contrast (new blue color is the same that Google uses for their developer docs).
  • Updated Footer, sidebar mobile menu, toggle mobile menu (in fixed position) default text to be a little lighter to pass accessibility/contrast checks.
  • Updated Image Banner element so it can be focused  on via the keyboard when the caption is set to show on hover.
  • Updated Total Row/Section Overlay and Divider functions so you can choose from your accent colors.
  • Updated Colors for various social icons to match updated brand colors.
  • Updated Updated Mobile Menu Toggle so it closes when clicking outside of it.
  • Updated Accessibility panel to use tabs to separate settings and clean things up.
  • Updated Load more spinner to use an SVG instead of a gif so the theme doesn’t have to load an extra asset and also so it looks better when used on different background colors.
  • Updated Improved Image overlays on mobile devices to prevent the overlay from showing when simply swiping up/down.
  • Updated The Plus Icon Hover, Plus Icon #2 Hover and Plus Icon #3 Hover image overlay styles so they don’t display on mobile devices to prevent having to tap the item twice.
  • Updated Custom Action panel save function to prevent actions from saving if they only contain empty space.
  • Fixed Author social links potentially incorrectly using the wrong URL’s.
  • Fixed Multi-buttons element so customizations to your button styles made in the Customizer under Typography > Buttons and General Theme Options > Links & Buttons will apply correctly.
  • Fixed Issue where if you had enabled Yoast breadcrumbs for the site and Yoast wasn’t returning any result for the page it would potentially display breadcrumbs from the theme instead of nothing.
  • Fixed Testimonials Slider Thumbnails not working correctly (delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin for an immediate fix).
  • Fixed Recent News issues with the responsive column settings (delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin for an immediate fix).
  • Fixed Not being able to use negative letter spacing in Total elements (delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin for an immediate fix).
  • Fixed Issues with the Post Cards Modal Popup link style so if a post is using a theme element that is displaying dynamic data like the featured image or custom field it will work as expected.
  • Fixed Layout issues with theme image slider element if displayed inside a lightbox modal window.
  • Fixed Missing margin between WooCommerce product review stars and text.


  • Added - "wpex_custom_breadcrumbs_trail" filter for easier integration of 3rd party plugin breadcrumbs.
  • Added - "wpex_has_custom_breadcrumbs_trail" filter to tell the theme that a custom breadcrumbs is in use to prevent the theme from returning the theme's crumbs even if the custom crumbs is empty.
  • Added - "wpex_vc_column_text_custom_color_classes" filter which controls the classnames (string) added to the WPBakery text block when a custom color has been added to the element (the default classes adds underlines to links and makes links inherit the textblock color - you can set this filter to null to remove this functionality).
  • Added - "wpex-modal-loaded" javacript event attached to the document that triggers when an inline lightbox modal window has loaded (may be used to re-trigger scripts)
  • Updated - Card API so you can pass the URL to the Card Arguments which will be used for all card methods.
  • Updated - The CSS used for hidden image overlays so they don't target mobile devices to prevent issues when swiping on mobile devices.
  • Updated - Font icons to use font-display: block; to prevent warnings in Google lightbox/insights.
  • Updated - Load more function uses an svg for the spinner instead of a gif, but if you defined a custom gif via your child theme it will still use your custom gif. You can also now hook into the new "wpex_svg" filter to replace the spinner svg with whatever output you want (see Total/inc/functions/svgs.php).
  • Updated - License Activation Panel to use its own CSS/JS files and updated the html for better class naming and updated the spinner to use an SVG instead of a gif.
  • Updated - wpex_get_current_post_id function to check for the "wpex_current_post_id" query_var first, this will allow us to define what the current post ID is for dynamic templates, post cards modals, etc.
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