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Total Theme v 5.0.2

Release Date: September 28,2020
  • Added Option at Customize > WPBakery so you can apply the Typography heading styles (h1,h2,h3,h4) to the Total heading module (screenshot) thus removing the need for the company plugin released in 5.0 to do this (note this only affects the heading module which is usually where you would want those styles applied, the plugin mentioned on the 5.0 changelog applies to ALL headings in all modules and grids).
  • Added Image 1 card style that only displays the featured thumbnail and nothing else.
  • Added Sidebar option under Customize > Typography so you can alter your sidebar typography.
  • Added Code to the theme to remove the notice in the main plugins page asking to activate Revolution Slider.
  • Added Vertical Align option to the List Item module.
  • Added Extra checks to the Total Theme Core plugin for the category/tag display in the admin columns so if there is any error triggered by WordPress when retrieving the terms it won’t break the dashboard.
  • Added CSS utility classes wpex-font-sans, wpex-font-serif, wpex-font-mono, wpex-inherit-font-family.
  • Updated Typography Heading options will now target new utility classes “wpex-h1, wpex-h2, wpex-h3, wpex-h4”. Feel use these new classes in your custom code or when designing Custom Cards if you want to apply a specific heading styling to a specific text. You can also use these classes in the classname field for modules, for example if you have a heading set to display an h2 tag you can give it the classname wpex-h3 to make it look like your styled h3 tags.
  • Updated WPBakery module to version 6.4.1.
  • Updated Total Theme Core to version 1.2.2.
  • Updated Icon Box module so when a link is added it gets added to both the header and the Icon/Image as it did pre-v5.0.
  • Updated Slimmer output for the h1 typography setting which also prevents possibly conflicts between this setting and other settings that may target h1 tags.
  • Updated WooCommerce template part at woocommerce/single-product/title.php to match their last update to this file which can fix some display bugs with 3rd party addons that modify the title output.
  • Updated Blog 7 card to display published and not modified date.
  • Fixed Issue with star ratings not respecting text alignment for entries.
  • Fixed Custom Color option not working for the Page Title module.
  • Fixed Heading design and margin issue with widgets when displaying custom widget areas.
  • Fixed Bug with custom fonts registered in the Font Manager not working when selected in the Customizer if the “Disable Google Services” theme panel setting was enabled.
  • Fixed Video display when used in the Feature Box module and updated the oEmbed output so it gets cached.
  • Fixed Issue where if your testimonial thumbnail size was too large (on the default testimonial entry design) it would overflow and the meta details wouldn’t wrap (delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin via the dashboard for a fix now).
  • Fixed Issue where if you set your body font or other heading font to white it would render white in the editor and not be visible when you have the “Editor Styles” enabled in the Theme Panel. We decided against making the editor take on the background of the site because this can cause issues if you have a site background but your content area is actually white.
  • Fixed Possible issues with RTL styles not loading when using a child theme and added new filter “wpex_parent_stylesheet_handle” incase you want to use a different handle for loading the parent CSS file instead of ‘parent-style’
No dev notes for this update.
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