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Total Theme v 5.0.1

Release Date: September 18, 2020

Provides fixes for the massive Total v5 update, be sure to check out the Total 5.0 changelog if you haven't yet.

  • Added Ability to set a callback function for the Total theme Image module display to define the image source.
  • Updated Re-added the h1 heading in the Typography panel but it will now simply exclude the page-header-title class when applying it’s code so it can target elements inserted in page content.
  • Fixed Header Aside not rendering properly on mobile with certain header styles
  • Fixed Issue with visibility settings potentially using the incorrect setting on the live site
  • Fixed Issue with footer links color not working properly.
  • Fixed Issue with the Topbar Social Links alternative content not displaying if the social links were disabled, adding content in this field should automatically enable the section.
  • Fixed Issue where if you didn’t have any top bar content the social links would display on the left and not right.
  • Fixed Customizer not saving 0px values for letter spacing under Typography.
  • Fixed Page Header Title border width option being applied to the sides and not just the top/bottom.
  • Fixed Theme Search toggle not working when used with UberMenu 3.
  • Fixed Bug with videos not displaying correctly on Left/Right Thumbnail style grids.
  • Fixed Image Banner Title Color when using a link and inserted in the sidebar.
  • Fixed White heading color on Post Types Slider when setting custom heading colors in the Customizer.
No dev notes for this update.
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