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Total Theme v 4.9.7

Release Date: December 17, 2019
  • Total Theme Core Plugin: If this is the first time upgrading to a Total 4.9+ version please read the important notice on the main 4.9 update. It's crucial that you read about the new Total Theme Core plugin.
  • FontAwesome: WPBakery has updated the FontAwesome script inside their plugin to version 5.1 which means if you have any modules currently using an icon (Icon Box, Button, Milestone, etc) when you go to update the module you may have to re-select the icon before saving.
  • Added Dismiss link to the Total theme license notice in the WP admin
  • Added Customizer option under Header > Menu to enable a bottom border on hover items (sample screenshot)
  • Added Advertisement Custom Widget that allows for single or 2 column advertisements (sample screenshot)
  • Added LearnDash integration – New Customizer section with options to customize your LearnDash archives/posts for each section
  • Added Customizer setting to disable the bottom border on the Top Bar
  • Added Option to the Total Accessibility panel (Disable Mobile Menu Focus Styles) which removes the blue border/box-shadow when opening and closing your mobile menu as the theme changes the focus from the button to the menu and back. Enabled by default
  • Added New filter “vcex_post_type_grid_entry_image” to allow you to alter the post types grid image HTML output via a child theme
  • Updated WPBakery Plugin to version 6.1
  • Updated Moved the Total “Accessibility” panel from Tools > Accessibility to Theme Panel > Accessibility
  • Updated Main page header title to use get_the_title instead of single_post_title to retrieve the page title since the former didn’t support HTML
  • Updated Total/framework/vendor folder to Total/framework/plugins to fix a bug where WordPress wouldn’t show this folder inside the theme editor panel
  • Updated Renamed “Unique Id” field in Total modules to “Element ID” for consistency with default WPBakery modules
  • Updated “Comments Closed” notice design to be more minimal
  • Fixed Issue with “Post Terms” module not working in custom grids
  • Fixed Issue with font size too large for Custom Post Type entries when displaying in more then one column
No dev notes for this update.
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