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Total Theme v 4.9.5

Release Date: October 21, 2019
  • Total Theme Core Plugin: If this is the first time upgrading to a Total 4.9+ version please read the important notice on the main 4.9 update. It's crucial that you read about the new Total Theme Core plugin.
  • Elementor Templates: With the newly added support for the Elementor Theme Builder if your site was previously using the Total header or Footer builder functions but you had created a header or footer template in Elementor the theme may now display the Elementor templates rather then using the header builder function so please double check. And it is recommended to disable the header/footer builder functions if using Elementor via the Theme Panel to slim things down and avoid confusion.
  • Added Responsive options to the Font Size settings in the Customizer Typography panel – screenshot
  • Added “Header” option (like the one already in Recent News module) to all carousels and grid modules along with a “header style” option
  • Added “Bottom Border” theme header style (which is now the default theme heading style instead of the line to the right)
  • Added New “wpex_get_heading_args” filter so you can alter the default theme heading arguments via a child theme or plugin
  • Added New option when Yoast SEO is enabled under “Yoast Seo Breadcrumbs” that reads “Override Theme Breadcrumbs” – which can be used to disable Yoast SEO breadcrumbs and use the theme’s instead
  • Added “Lightbox Gallery Slideshow Auto Start” and “Gallery Slideshow Speed” options in the Customizer for the lightbox settings and
  • Added “Background Image Size” option to WPBakery Row & Section Design Options tab
  • Added Some filters to image overlay styles to make it easier to override the default output or add extra content to any overlay. For example if you are using the “Title Centered” overlay you can now hook into “wpex_overlay_content_title-center” to override the inner output completely or prepend/append to it
  • Added New “Full-Screen” page template
  • Added Better support for Elementor Pro Theme Builder functionality (custom header, footer, archive, single post…etc)
  • Added New Toggle Bar, Top Bar, Footer Callout & Footer Bottom custom locations to use with the Elementor Theme Builder
  • Added Line Height to social share buttons to prevent issues when increasing body font size
  • Added “Page Header Title Tag” option to the theme settings when using the Post Types Unlimited plugin so you can choose between div, span, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 or h6 for the page header title tag of your custom post type
  • Added New filter “wpex_get_theme_heading_styles” so you can alter the available theme heading styles which can be chosen under Customize > General Theme Options > Theme Heading
  • Updated If the “header” section is disabled under Theme Panel > Customizer manager, the theme will include the core WordPress logo setting under “Site Identity” to better support the Elementor theme builder for the header (for any section you are replacing with Elementor you should disable that section from the Customizer to slim things down and prevent confusion)
  • Updated the “Theme Heading” (heading shown before social share, related posts, comments, etc that has a gray border to the right by default) so it doesn’t have any default styling and the r
  • Updated Lightbox to display a “play/pause” button when displaying galleries
  • Updated Total Navbar module to remove empty data-filter when not needed
  • Updated Footer html when using the footer builder to use the footer html5 tag and include schema markup just like the standard theme footer
  • Updated Chosen script to version 1.8.7 (used for custom selects in the Customizer when choosing a font family or font icon)
  • Updated Replaced eval() function in main js file with slimmer/better method
  • Updated Customizer class to be better optimized so when sections are disabled under Customizer > Manager it speeds things up even more
  • Updated Customizer so if the “Header” section is disabled (something you may do if using an Elementor header template) then the Logo setting will display under Site Identity
  • Updated Slider Revolution version 6+ included in the full zip file provided by ThemeForest for anyone looking to update the plugin, but please read the IMPORTANT-README.txt file located inside the “plugins/revslider6” folder first if you are considering this
  • Fixed Comment Form heading not showing when there weren’t any comments yet
  • Fixed Issue with the Total Heading module not inserting the proper HTML tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) when they also have a link
  • Fixed Menu item alignment when Navbar module was set to align right causing items to be in reverse
  • Fixed Issue with “Feature Box” image not displaying on smaller devices
No dev notes for this update.
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