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Total Theme v 4.8.4

Release Date: March 20, 2019
  • Added Full integration for our brand new Post Types Unlimited free plugin so you can add custom post types and taxonomies (integration means when you go to add a new post type or taxonomy you’ll see many theme specific settings to have greater control such as layout, columns, etc) – video and new docs coming shortly! Note: If you decide to try out the plugin you must add at least 1 post type or taxonomy before the Total settings show up, so add your item click publish and when the page refreshes you’ll see the new settings, yay!
  • Added New filter “wpex_footer_builder_content” that can be used for child theme edits on the footer builder content
  • Added “Soft Crop” option to the image crop locations used for theme image sizes and Total builder modules – this allows you to define a width and height value with a crop value of “false”
  • Updated Typography options to support vw, vmin and vmax inputs
  • Updated Templatera widget to prevent issues with 3rd party plugins hooking into the_content filter
  • Updated CSS optimizations to remove unused CSS in some 3rd party vendor scripts (iLightbox, owlCarousel)
  • Updated Featured images will include empty alt attributes if there is no alt (for accessibility reasons)
  • Updated Toggle and Full-Screen mobile menu options to remove ID’s to prevent warnings from ADA scanners
  • Updated Breadcrumbs to strip all tags from link names to prevent any issues with html possibly being inserted into titles using filters via 3rd party plugins or child themes
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Fixed Issue with Total WPBakery grid modules displaying extra categories in the filter when load more is enabled and the include categories or exclude categories options are defined
  • Fixed Toggle Bar button color and hover color options not working
No dev notes for this update.
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