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Total Theme v 4.8.3

Release Date: February 19, 2019
  • Added Support for the “WooCommerce Ajaxified Cart” plugin – video sample
  • Added New option in the main “Theme Panel” to disable the “Editor Font Family Select” dropdown
  • Added New filters “wpex_woocommerce_has_product_entry_details_wrap” and “wpex_woocommerce_has_shop_loop_item_inner_div” so you can easily remove the extra elements via your child theme if needed
  • Added Custom layout for Elementor templates that are blank by default and set to full-width / no-sidebar for easier template creation
  • Added Customizer option to disable the “bubble” look on the woocommerce menu icon number, if disabled the number of items in the cart will display on the side unformatted (as per the old design)
  • Added New filter “wpex_sidebar_has_fallback”. By default if you set a widget area on your site but it’s empty it will fallback to the “Main Sidebar” widget area. You can use this filter to disable the fallback via a child theme to display an empty sidebar area if there aren’t any widgets added yet
  • Added New action hooks “wpex_hook_footer_widgets_top” and “wpex_hook_footer_widgets_bottom”
  • Updated WPBakery Visual Page Builder to version 5.7 and Slider Revolution to version
  • Updated Header/Footer builder functions when using Elementor templates so that the editor will display in the correct location for easier editing, so instead of the editor being in the middle of the page where content goes it will be in the header or footer spot
  • Updated WooCommerce “left” position for the checkout “Review Placement” to actually go below both the billing details and additional information to prevent issues responsively and remove so much extra blank space
  • Updated Italian translation files thanks to viaggiatore_insonne
  • Fixed Issue with long dropdown menu items with sub-dropdowns going over the dropdown arrow
  • Fixed Link target not working in Instragram widget
  • Fixed Single product price customizer color option not working
  • Fixed UL/OL list side margin on RTL
  • Fixed Issue with the email button in the social share builder module not including subject or body
  • Fixed Breadcrumbs title displaying code on Easy Digital Download products
  • Fixed Instragram widget responsive setting that couldn’t be disabled
  • Fixed Conflict with the relevanssi plugin to allow user’s to be displayed in search results
  • Removed Google Plus from social sharing, author box and social profile listings since the site is going to shut down
  • Removed Inline CSS for custom WooCommerce icons targeting the older notification styles
No dev notes for this update.
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