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Total Theme v 4.6.1

Release Date: March 19, 2018
  • Added New setting to all public taxonomies so you can redirect terms to a static page if wanted – screenshot – for example when building categories using the page builder you can redirect the archives to these pages
  • Added Min-width option for the multi-buttons module
  • Added Icon display option to list item module (float left or inline)
  • Added New filter “wpex_header_logo_output” to customize the output of your header logo via a child theme if needed without overriding the parent file
  • Added Accessibility support for WPBakery Page Builder FAQ/Toggle so they can be focused on via the tab key and opened via the enter key
  • Added The screen sizes to the visibility dropdown option for page builder modules so it’s easier to understand where the cut-off are
  • Added Visibility options for “Large Desktops” (1280px or greater)
  • Updated WPBakery page builder to version 5.4.7 (now with PHP 7.2 support) and Slider Revolution to version
  • Updated List Item page builder module to go back to how it used to work prior to 4.5.5 which had some added CSS to float the icon to prevent text from wrapping but it caused more issues then good and only a couple customers wanted that change anyway
  • Updated WooCommerce cart cross-sells now display on small devices
  • Updated Optimized the CSS for the hidden on desktop visibility
  • Fixed Issues with Instagram widget not working due to newer recent changes to their site
  • Fixed Height option not working for the multi-buttons module
  • Fixed Issue with the active filter option not working for Total grids from recent changes in Total 4.5.5
  • Fixed Excluded categories not being excluded from the homepage or blog page when using the load more pagination style
No dev notes for this update.
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