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Total Theme v 4.5

Release Date: November 5, 2017
  • The Visual Composer team has renamed their plugin from Visual Composer to "WPBakery Page Builder" and are using a new icon. So the tab in your WP dashboard to access their settings looks a bit different now.
  • We added a new Theme License page to the Total admin panel so you can register your purchase code and receive updates via the theme (so you can then remove the Envato Market or Toolkit plugin)
  • AddedLicense registration page – activate your theme to receive updates without having to use the Envato Market plugin (updates will be provided securely via our Amazon S3 server)
  • Added System Status box to the main Theme Panel
  • Added Warning message to the demo importer page if the server’s max_execution_time is too low so the user can fix it before trying to import a demo
  • Added Support to the Total Image Grid module to display image descriptions
  • Added New Global content layout (full-screen, right-sidebar,no-sidebar) to the Customizer under Layout > General
  • Added Option for the VC section and rows overlay function to upload a custom pattern for your overlay
  • Added The ability to display the widgetized footer when using the footer builder – this can be useful if all you want to do is add a new section above the footer with VC content such as a newsletter section or custom callout – Important: This required altering how the footer builder is added so if you made any advanced tweaks to the footer builder via a child theme please double check them
  • Added Customizer setting under WooCommercer > Single to enter your custom product gallery animation speed (you can enter 0 to disable completely)
  • Added New Total “Image” module for the Visual Composer – similar to the VC Single Image module but with some different options and ability to show images based on a custom field
  • Added Sticky support to the header builder
  • Added Ability to select a Contact From 7 form via the Total form shortcode module
  • Added Styling for select fields when using the Form Shortcode Total VC module
  • Added Customizer setting under General > Search if you want to display posts only for search results (good for blogs)
  • Added Ability to open VC tabs, tours and toggles using the keyboard tab button (for accessibility)
  • Added Option to the Total Navbar VC module so you can enter an element name to hide the sticky menu at a certain spot on the site
  • Added New filter ‘wpex_get_index_loop_type’ to be used with the index.php file to return correct loop type for archives (example if the filter returns ‘portfolio’ then the current archive will display using the portfolio entry styles). This is very useful if you add new custom taxonomies to built-in post types like the portfolio to make sure they look the same by default as the other portfolio archives or if you want to add a new post type with the exact same archive output
  • Added Options to the Portfolio, Staff and Testimonials post types so you can enable the Auto Archive (has_archive parameter) instead of setting up the post type page with the Visual Composer
  • Added New “No Sidebar, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar” page templates that you can use with 3rd party plugins that force you to select a page template for the plugin template design
  • Added New Boxed Title Overlay Style – screenshot
  • Updated System UI font stack option to display simply as “system-ui” in the Customizer and VC modules – screenshot
  • Updated Removed version number on Google fonts loaded by the theme to prevent extra browser caching
  • Updated When editing the Header or Footer with the builder functionality and using the front-end VC editor you will now be able to see the entire site so it’s easier to design based on your site
  • Updated Author bio social links to make use of the new “wpex_get_user_social_links” function added in Total 4.0 so you can easily add/remove items from the author bio social links, re-order them and even alter the default icon class if wanted via a child theme
  • Updated Optimized the way the accent color is refreshed when changing the setting in the Customizer so it’s faster and smoother
  • Updated Total VC menu module sticky function so if you you enable sticky support it won’t disable the sticky header automatically
  • Updated Index.php to make use of template parts located at partials/loop/
  • Fixed Sanitization issue with Google font subsets not allowing you to choose more then 1
  • Fixed Issue with custom background color when using the boxed layout
  • Fixed Issue with auto lightbox not working when JetPack photon is enabled
  • Fixed Bug with “rounded” images setting not working for the image grid module
  • Fixed Issue with WooCommerce content not showing up on paginated pages of the shop
  • Fixed Issue with Total module icon rendering when previewing template content via the add template button in the backend/front-end editor – example
  • Fixed Incompatibility issues with the Contact Form 7 multi-step addon plugin
  • Fixed Issue where you couldn’t use shortcodes for the VC icon box module URL field or the VC social links URL field
  • Fixed Issue with font-smoothing being applied to VC buttons when enabled in the Customizer Typography tab
  • Removed Prefixes from opacity declarations in the CSS as they are no longer needed
  • Removed Visual Composer branding logos from the builder pages since it just takes up extra space for no reason
  • Removed Visual Composer’s default hidden overflow for stretched rows (only rows with VC parallax backgrounds will have a hidden overflow)
  • Removed Title attribute on various links where it’s not needed
  • Removed Recommendation to install the Envato Market plugin
No dev notes for this update.
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