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Total Theme v 4.5.5

Release Date: February 4, 2018

The Social Share function has been modified quite a bit to provide a better experience, prefix the classes, add new options and use new javascript for the popups and the vertical share style is now fixed and more modern (similar to Addthis or Sumo share). Make sure if you were modifying this file via a child theme to update accordingly.

The mobile menus have also been modified to provide a better experience, if you made any custom tweaks via a child theme to the mobile menus please double check them to make sure they still work as you want.

As always if you have any issue just let us know so we can help you fix it!

  • Added Ability to use &related=1 in any Total module custom query to display related posts based on the current post (useful when using the dynamic template function). Related items are pulled from the first category of the current post or the featured category as defined when using the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin
  • Added Added new “partials/header/header-logo-inner.php” file which has the code for the logo image, icon, text, etc. This allows you to use the wpex_hook_site_logo_inner hook and add content either before or after the default inner content
  • Added Option to hide the WooCommerce product entry title via the Customizer
  • Added Option to the Mailchimp module so you can align it left/center/right
  • Added Option to the Post Terms module to display the first/featured term only
  • Added Ability to select Modified Date for the heading output
  • Added Option to the Total Image module so you can add a caption when displaying a lightbox image
  • Added Visibility Option for the social share settings (use small header, hide cover photo, show faces)
  • Added The ability to add the classname “widget_nav_menu_accordion” to a custom menu widget module added directly in the page builder to enable an accordion style much like when the custom menu is added to a sidebar
  • Added Extra options to the Facebook page widget (hide faces, show small header, display timeline, display events, etc)
  • Added Extra options in the post/page settings metabox so when you are using the page title with background style you can set the background style and enter a custom position if you want
  • Added New class that can be used in the topbar (wpex-inline) to wrap the default topbar content elements to prevent responsive issues. The default topbar content will have this added by default
  • Added New core function and filter “wpex_get_secondary_thumbnail” – which is currently used for the thumbnail swap overlay style. And now if you didn’t set a secondary thumbnail it will look for the first thumbnail in your post image gallery to use
  • Added New Image Overlay style “Secondary Image Swap & title”
  • Added New filter “wpex_get_social_items” so you can add custom social share options via a child theme or customize the classes/icons for the current ones – sample snippet
  • Updated Slider Revolution to version 5.4.7
  • Updated Support for WooCommerce 3.2 (in other words fixed a few css bugs from the update)
  • Updated Header with mobile icons style to use CSS3 flex containers so no matter your logo size or icons added for the mobile icons menu it will always look good
  • Updated Mobile menu toggle icon position, set sidebar mobile menu style to be on the right hand side by default and overlay instead of push on toggle
  • Updated Sidebar style mobile menu design a bit to look more modern – also now the parent menu item for the dropdowns will be fully clickable (not just the icon) for any parent element that also has a direct link, this link will be added inside the dropdown so it can still be accessed.
  • Updated Breadcrumbs so it’s always disabled on the homepage no matter which breadcrumbs function you are using since it’s not needed there
  • Updated Social share function: Click events are now triggered via new wpex-social-share javascript instead of inline, added new style option named “custom” which removes all styling if you want to style it yourself via CSS.
  • Updated Grow image hover affect to be a slower and use scale3d instead of scale CSS as well so they are a bit more modern and not so “abrasive”
  • Updated Larger font size for the raw HTML module in the backend editor
  • Updated Milestones will now re-trigger if inside page builder tabs each time a tab is opened
  • Updated Slimmer “x” close button for the header search replace style
  • Updated List item module and bullets module (when using a custom icon) so that the text always flows next to the icon and won’t wrap under it
  • Removed Extra 20px padding on the bottom of product entries
  • Fixed Pagination issue with the post type grid module
  • Fixed Issue with not being able to switch tabs when using the tab module in the front-end editor
  • Fixed Issue with the Social links module not opening in new tabs when setup to open in a new tab
  • Fixed Accessability issues with page builder tabs – you can now use the left/right arrows on the keyboard to properly navigate the tabs
No dev notes for this update.
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