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Release Date: February 8, 2018
  • Added Option in the Customizer to set a custom background image for your site header and background style
  • Added Option in the Customizer to select “custom” for your mobile menu toggle which disables the toggle on the page but still loads the code for the mobile menu – this will allow you to trigger the theme’s mobile menu from anywhere by using the classname “mobile-menu-toggle” on any link
  • Added New action hooks – wpex_hook_archive_loop_before_entry & wpex_hook_archive_loop_after_entry which will allow you to insert content before or after blog entries – example snippet for inserting an advertisement in a blog grid
  • Added Mobile phone number option to the Info widget
  • Updated WooCommerce pagination.php file to version 3.3.1 (left a fallback for customers that haven’t updated yet to prevent errors)
  • Updated Previously had  updated the mobile header menu to use flex items to better center the logo and mobile nav but it appears to have some issues in Android devices, switched back to using absolute positioning for the icons
  • Updated Made new toggle icon slightly taller and wider based on customer feedback from the last update
  • Fixed WooCommerce pagination missing issue
  • Fixed Debug errors on the Navbar menu
  • Fixed Issue with social share overlapping footer content on mobile
  • Fixed Issues with the social share page builder module not displaying in color, not using new javascript function and added options for email
  • Fixed Design issues with the mobile menu when using the custom breakpoint setting in the Customizer
  • Fixed Mobile menu toggle position in header style 5 or when using a custom breakpoint
  • Fixed Missing close icon when using the navbar mobile menu toggle style
No dev notes for this update.
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