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Total Theme v 4.5.1

Release Date: November 11, 2017
  • Added Text transform option to the Total VC heading module
  • Fixed WooCommerce issue with first item in grid not displaying correctly and with single slider animation (important – if you were previously using filters to alter the product grid for mobile devices you need to update your mods to set the priority to be greater then 40 or check out the updated snippet).
  • Fixed Bug with the hover animations not working for the Total VC Navigation Bar module
  • Fixed Bug with the VC Row Advanced Parallax Background “Enable parallax for mobile devices” setting not working
  • Fixed Conflict with the auto lightbox setting and WooCommerce product gallery causing the product gallery lightbox arrows to disappear
  • Fixed Issue with local-scroll possibly not working when the shrink sticky header function is enabled
  • Updated Toggle bar option in the Customizer so you can now choose from Templatera templates and not just standard pages – creating your Toggle bar using Templatera is more efficient and standard pages are added to xml sitemaps and you don’t really want your toggle bar page in there
  • Updated Users Grid VC module so you can choose to link to the user’s author page, their website or nowhere
  • Updated Total VC modules so they can run correctly during ajax calls
  • Removed Poster value on self-hosted VC Row video backgrounds so if the video doesn’t load it shows the background defined for the row instead so you have more control over the placement
No dev notes for this update.
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