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Total Theme v 4.4.1

Release Date: September 28, 2017
  • Added Support for shortcodes in all Total VC module text & URL fields that make sense to support shortcodes
  • Added Load More pagination style for the blog
  • Added Houzz, Whatsapp & Spotify to social options
  • Added New Option to the Customizer to exclude specific pages from being redirected incase you want some pages to be visible still and added new filter ‘wpex_has_under_construction_redirect’ you can use in a child theme for more advanced tweaking of when and when not pages should redirect
  • Added Option to the Total VC Image Slider module to disable the thumbnails carousel function
  • Added Option to the Total VC animated text module so you can enter a fixed width for the animation text which can be useful when adding a background for example so the background stays fixed and only the text changes
  • Added New Total VC modules to use in Dynamic templates – post meta, social share
  • Added New filter to the Total VC Image grid module (vcex_image_grid_attachment_ids) which can be used in a child theme to define the images for any image grid if you want to pull images from a 3rd party plugin for example
  • Added Customizer setting to choose your custom pagination arrow style
  • Added Checkbox Customizer setting under Blog > Single if you want to display your media (featured image/video) above the content and sidebar for all posts
  • Added Option to single image module to define a title for your lightbox image/video/iframe
  • Added Customizer settings for post gallery sliders under General Options > Post Gallery Slider
  • Added Customizer setting under Blog > Archives & Entries to enable/disable the display of audio players for audio format posts on your archives (disabled by default)
  • Added Customizer setting for WooCommerce to disable the default shop output if you want your main shop page to be built exclusively with the Visual Composer
  • Added New template “Blog – Content Above” so you can have Visual Composer content on your main blog above the content and sidebar
  • Updated Visual Composer & Revolution Slider Plugins
  • Updated Better UI for various Total module settings – screenshot
  • Updated Under Construction function to use the 307 status code for the redirection
  • Updated Optimized the javascript for the Image Gallery Slider module a bit to prevent extra inline styles from being added to the thumbnails
  • Updated Minified output for the Post Types Slider Total VC module
  • Updated Animated text module to include screen-reader-text
  • Updated Custom 404 admin page to use chosen select for the select dropdown
  • Updated WooCommerce account page so the Login and Register sections are in 2 columns when using the full-width layout for the page
  • Updated Better ratings display on singular Woo products
  • Fixed Alignment option not working for the Total VC Icon Box “Top Icon” style
  • Fixed Issue with WooCommerce search results trying to use the default search archive rather then the default woo page
  • Fixed Issue with custom css not working properly for the before/after image VC module
  • Fixed Issue with Total custom select styles being added even if the select is set to display:none
  • Fixed Issue where stretched VC rows wouldn’t display if JS was disabled while troubleshooting the site
  • Fixed Issue with animated text module where the animated text styles were being added to the “after” text
  • Fixed Issue with image banner module where button was not included in the hidden content when the “Text on Hover” setting was enabled
  • Fixed Sanitization issue when using the phone number setting in the topbar social options and issue with social options not rendering correctly in the Customizer
  • Fixed Issue with Visual Composer buttons showing up in the ACF admin panel
  • Fixed Issue where if you had Google fonts set in the Customizer and then disabled Google fonts via the Theme Panel the theme would still set those sections to the Google font
  • Fixed Issue with Single Image lightbox when setting the source to “Featured Image”
  • Fixed Issues with lightbox when using the JetPack Photon CDN
  • Removed Slider Revolution metabox from the templatera edit page to prevent confusion
  • Removed AutoHeight animation on gallery sliders for blog entries when set to a masonry grid for smoother and more efficient grids
No dev notes for this update.
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