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Total Theme v 4.2.1

Release Date: May 21, 2017
  • Added WPML Support for image carousel and image grid’s with custom links
  • Added Filter ‘wpex_custom_fonts_array’ as a better method of adding custom fonts to the theme
  • Added Full translation files for Spanish provided by
  • Updated Header & Footer builder so the translation of the footer builder ID takes place later on to prevent possible conflicts with Polylang
  • Updated Social share CSS to be a bit more optimized and to fix some responsive issues with the bordered style
  • Fixed Issues with stretched rows and some other js files in older Safari/Chrome versions that was caused by the 4.2 update – fixed file here (you can replace at assets/js/)
  • Fixed Issue with Custom CSS panel displaying CSS in minified format – fixed file here (you can upload at Total/framework/classes) – NOTE: Your css is still well formatted in the database it’s only displaying in minified format, as long as you don’t save it it will remain well formatted until fixed 😉
No dev notes for this update.
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