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Total Theme v 3.5.3

Release Date: August 9, 2016

In order to properly add decimals to the milestone VC module we had to change some things, if you were previously using this snippet to alter the decimal format please notice the updates changes to the snippet so you can update your site accordingly.

  • Added Star ratings for testimonials as requested by various customers – screenshot (added via metabox settings)
  • Added Testimonials carousel VC module that matches the VC Testiomonials grid design – screenshot
  • Added New Categories/Terms Carousel with same settings and design as the Categories grid but as a carousel – screenshot
  • Added New “Bordered” Social Button Style (for topbar and social links module) – screenshot
  • Added New action hook “wpex_pre_include_overlay_template” so you can define a custom template location for any overlay style
  • Added New “Secondary Image” option to the page settings which is used for the new “Thumbnail Swap” overlay style which displays the default featured image and then displays the secondary one on hover – screenshot
  • Added  New minimal countdown module perfect for use with the Under Construction function – screenshot
  • Added Support for smooth local scroll fort he default VC button via the local-scroll-link class
  • Added Some new options to various Total VC modules as requested by customers
  • Added Full Arabic Translations
  • Added Filter to enable audio embed display on blog entries instead of featured image – snippet
  • Added Default text to the left of the main header menu search link – hidden by default but can be shown via CSS as requested by many customers
  • Added Gap setting (space between columns) to the Recent News VC module
  • Added Support for decimals on the milestone VC module ( must be defined via module settings )
  • Added Options to carousel modules for arrow placement and styles
  • Added Option to the Categories/Terms grid VC module to exclude terms
  • Added Auto Height option to the Image Carousel module so if you are displaying 1 item at a time the carousel height will adjust accordingly when switching “slides”
  • Added Little angle arrows on the dropdowns for the Toggle mobile menu style so it looks a bit better
  • Updated Header logo and retina logo functions to remove http protocol if is_ssl() returns true
  • Updated Renamed default.po file to Total.pot file to be compatible with newer versions of Poedit
  • Updated oEmbed output filter to remove the deprecated frameborder attribute from embeds
  • Updated Slimmed down retina logo html output
  • Updated SliderPro js script (used for Total slider modules) to latest version
  • Updated Optimizations made to the Image grid module
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin
  • Updated Changed the deprecated woocommerce_get_page_id function to wc_get_page_id
  • Updated Replaced WPML icl_object_id function with newer with wpml_object_id filter
  • Updated Sanitized some variables from theme breadcrumbs function for added security
  • Updated Minified output of the VC Post Types Carousel module
  • UpdatedUpdated Total VC grid modules to use their own function for entry classes instead of using the core WP post_class function to slim things down and remove duplicate classes
  • Fixed Slight “jump” when using the fixed/sticky header on first scroll
  • Fixed Issue with the WordPress default image cropping/regenerating not working after the last update
  • Fixed Issue with comments not working on standard pages
  • Fixed Issue with JetPack social share not working as expected
  • Fixed Polylang issues with Footer/Header builders
  • Fixed WooCommerce bug with the increment buttons adding/subtracting more then 1 product after clicking the “update” button then re-clicking the plus/minus buttons
  • Fixed Issue with the WordPress Customizer not working when using deprecated tabs on the homepage
  • Fixed Bug where you couldn’t choose your columns when using the Post Types grid and showing Woo products
  • Fixed Undefined variable in meta.php that could happen if certain things were tweaked in the theme
  • Fixed Issue with VC single image shadows not working
  • Fixed RTL issue with stretch rows
  • Fixed Image grid issues when using custom overlays and displaying titles under the image
  • Fixed Issue with “Disable row” setting not working for VC row module
  • Fixed Checkbox issues when using column classes in Contact Form 7
  • Fixed Feature Box VC module image border radius not working
  • Fixed Missing social images for Topbar legacy social image style
  • Fixed Lightbox issue on portfolio carousel module
  • Fixed Issue when setting custom background and footer reveal is enabled the background was not applied to the main wrap
  • Removed Unused extra classname from post entries “format-video”
  • Removed Some plugin notices
No dev notes for this update.
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