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Total Theme v 3.4.0

Release Date: April 14, 2016

After updating the sticky header will no longer "shrink" due to the complete refractor of the sticky function mentioned below in the changelog. Simply go to Appearance > Customize > Sticky Header and select the sticky header style you want (shrink with animation) and then update the logo sizes below (you should see new options appear when selecting that style).

  • Added Full Support and testing for WP 4.5
  • Added Options to display categories in the Post Types Grid module
  • Added New helper function wpex_parse_attrs to help slim down code where needed
  • Added Checkbox to apply the logo height to your logo – this way you can upload a really large logo and constrict it via this setting
  • Added Some responsive CSS for the page header title with background so it shrinks a bit on mobile and looks nicer
  • Added New option to the Page Settings metabox for a “custom title” – for example if you want your “Home” page to be called “Home” in the dashboard but actually say something else on the front-end
  • Added New span at the very top of the site with the local scroll data attribute “site_top” so you can link to the top of your site using local scroll with the url
  • Added New filter ‘wpex_footer_builder_page_id’ for conditionally showing different footers using the footer builder function
  • Added Option to choose your specific dropdown style when using the Overlay Header function
  • Added New class to the main header ‘dyn-styles’ which is removed when the header becomes fixed making it easier to add styles to the header that are not applied to the sticky function as well
  • Added New Overlay Header style “White Text” – The cool thing about this Overlay Header style is that it will keep all your custom settings for the main header for the sticky function as opposed to the old style which turned black when you scrolled down
  • Added Custom Fixed Header Logo Retina setting and height
  • Added New conditional support to CSS generated from the Customizer to prevent specific CSS from being added to the header if not needed based on other settings
  • Added Global settings to add a background image to the main page header/title area
  • Added Lost password link to the Total VC login form module
  • Updated Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, LayerSlider & Templatera plugins
  • Updated Complete refactor of the sticky header and topbar functions with smoother animations (now using CSS3 instead of javascript for the shrink sticky header) and a lot less code – removed sticky.js script – elements will now become sticky if a page is re-freshed already partially down the page and better execusions for the mobile support to disable/enable sticky and alter offsets/widths – this update disables the shrink animation because the CSS requires you to tell it the height of your logo for a smooth animation. To re-enable shrink header on sticky go to Appearance > Customize > Sticky Header and select the correct style – screenshot
  • Updated Removed old equal height script and developed one exclusive for Total that works much better and is more optimized
  • Updated Escaped/sanitized all carousel data via new functions – wpex_esc_attr and wpex_intval
  • Updated Lightbox on Carousels will now work as a Lightbox Gallery due to the high requests for this
  • Updated Overlay Header style top/bottom padding to 30px to match default header padding (was set at 40px)
  • Updated Default Overlay Header style from “white text to light text” (default had some opacity on the links) and made a new style called “white text” that doesn’t have any opacity.
  • Updated LayerSlider and included inside the main theme for easier updates and setup for those that wan’t to use it
  • Updated Overlay Header style so if a custom logo is added the sticky header will display the original logo on sticky
  • Fixed Extra 1 pixel on local scroll on chrome
  • Fixed Missing breadcrumbs itemscope for parent pages
  • Fixed Scroll to top position – was set to bottom 80px but should be 40px
  • Fixed Issue when disabling the next-previous in same category caused the next-previous to disappear completely
  • Fixed Issues with subheading typography color and font size affecting the page header title with background
  • Fixed Bug with custom excerpts possibly showing Visual Composer content
  • Removed Un-used “fix-overlay-header” class
  • Removed The Revolution slider “purchase” and Update (if plugin isn’t registered) notice on the plugins dashboard page
  • Removed Purchase notice for LayerSlider on the main plugins page
  • Removed CSS that was hiding social sharing on blog entries when set to the grid style
No dev notes for this update.
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