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Total Theme v 3.3.5

Release Date: March 20, 2016
  • Added New Templatera widget – Now you can create ANY template and then easily display it via a widget in any sidebar area for truly customized sidebars (video guide to be released with update)
  • Added New Total VC module (Divider Dots) – screenshot
  • Added Some default spacing for mobile devices to offset the mobile menu icon toggle (60px right padding on the header-inner element)
  • Added Option to disable image for Categories Grid module
  • Added New Overlay Header Style “Default Styles” that inherits all the same colors and dropdown styles from your main header – screenshot
  • Added New filter ‘wpex_custom_social_share’ for easily replacing the social sharing function – if there are popular social sharing plugins you like let me know so I can add built-in support for them!
  • Added Conditonal checks for get_term_meta to prevent issues with users using old versions of WP under 4.4.0
  • Added New filter “wpex_custom_breadcrumbs” so users can easily override the theme breadcrumbs if they want to use a 3rd party plugin
  • Added Support for the JetPack plugin’s social share so if enabled it will replace the theme’s social sharing and it can be moved around using the builder blocks – yay!
  • Added Function that automatically disables the built-in custom WordPress gallery output if the JetPack carousel module is enabled or titled galleries
  • Added “Position” options to the staff carousel VC module
  • Added Font weight option for the staff grid and carousel entry “position”
  • Added Option to change the menu shop icon ( shopping cart, shopping bag, shopping basket)
  • Added Customizer Setting under “Header > Menu” to enter a custom breakpoint for when the main navigation becomes a mobile menu
  • Updated Visual Composer to version 4.11.1
  • Updated Slider revolution plugin to version 5.2.3
  • Updated The WPEX_Global_Theme_Object Class to be more efficient and prevent some issues with specific methods returning null
  • Updated Page Settings for the page title so it can be enabled on specific pages even if disabled via the Customizer globally
  • Updated The owl carousel, sliderPro and Isotope scripts inside the theme
  • Updated Local Scroll function a bit to target more areas such as the menu widget. You can now use the ‘local-scroll’ class on any link to create a local scrolling link
  • Updated Total custom VC modules to display some core settings in the backend editor
  • Fixed Issue with front-end Visual Composer editor not loading when the main header is disabled
  • Fixed Carousels, Sliders & Masonry grids not working correctly inside Visual Composer tabs, tours, accordions and pageable containers
  • Fixed Issue with post/entry layout settings not displaying in the correct order in the Customizer while displaying correctly on the live site
  • Fixed Sanitized row minimum height value so if user did not define ‘px’ it will still work
  • Fixed Bug with the Events Calendar returning the wrong slug and pulling page settings form any page with the ‘events’ slug
  • Fixed Youtube row background parallax speed not working
  • Fixed Left/Right Margin issues when using parallax backgrounds and videos
  • Fixed Bug with social share not showing for blog entries even when enabled in the Customizer entry blocks
  • Fixed Quality of opacity image hover in FireFox
  • Removed Extra margin issue added to the Total Heading module when having a custom tag (h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6) and a link
  • Removed Un-used WPEX_ClASSES constant
  • Removed Deprecated the custom javascript panel – it will still work if you have code saved in this panel, but as soon as you remove all code and save it will remove the admin panel it will also not be available for new users (will be removed completely at some point in the future)
No dev notes for this update.
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