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Total Theme v 3.3.4

Release Date: March 4, 2016
  • Added Option to the Customizer so you can disable the main site header completely & updated page meta settings so you can still enable the header on a specific page if disabled site-wide
  • Added Tweak so when using the Events Calendar you can now use all the Page Settings available for the main Events “Page/Archive”
  • Updated When using the Tribe Events Calendar plugin the main events page and category archives title will now use the title as defined for your main events page allowing you to change it easily
  • Added New filter to various Total VC modules ‘vcex_filter_taxonomy’ so you can alter the taxonomy for the grid category filter via a child theme – default will always be categories (better then adding options to the modules as it’s not a highly requested option and it would add too much bloat)
  • Added New Dropdown style – minimal/non-rounded – screenshot
  • Updated Line-height on forms so it inherits the body line height
  • Updated Customizer so if the Total “Favicons” admin panel is disabled the Customizer will display the core WordPress “site icon” setting
  • Fixed A couple design issues when adding the WPML language switcher in the Top bar
  • Fixed Issue where child theme translations were not overriding parent translations do to priority
  • Fixed Page title with background height setting using min-height instead of standard height
  • Fixed Bug with custom input/form styles not affecting the comment form “text” field
  • Fixed Some Issues with Russian translation files – a special thanks to Sergey Petrovichev for the fix!
No dev notes for this update.
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