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Total Theme v 3.1.1

Release Date: October 6, 2015

Please update your Visual Composer to version 4.7.2 which is included in the theme by as instructed in the docs. There is an important security fix added.

Notice: We've enhanced and optimized the local scroll function as mentioned in the changelog below. Please have a look at the updated docs for creating a local scroll menu. You DO NOT have to update your site, your previous setup should work exactly the same, but if you want to optimize things we recommend updating.

  • Added New option to the Customizer under “Footer” for “Fixed Footer”. This setting will not “fix” your footer per-se but will add a min-height to your #main container using javascript (that will update on window resize) to keep your footer always at the bottom of the page (highly requested feature). This setting will be disabled by default and it has also been added to the footer builder admin page
  • Added New item to localized array to allow you to alter the Sidebar mobile menu so users can click on the whole link to toggle the item and not just the arrow. See the new snippet here
  • Added New “Business Info” Widget – preview on the Corporate demo footer
  • Added New “Google Map” widget
  • Added Link to Visual Composer changelog from changelog page
  • Added CSS tab to the Total button VC module
  • Added New wrapper inside the portfolio entries “portfolio-entry-inner” that surrounds image and content for use with custom design edits and upcoming new “grid styles”
  • Added New filter for the Yoast breadcrumbs so if you define your portfolio, blog, staff, testimonials pages in the Customizer they will be added to the breadcrumbs trail just like the native theme breadcrumbs
  • Added New helper function wpex_parse_obj_id() which returns the correct ID for any object after passing through WPML’s icl_object_id function
  • Added New option to the Theme Panel to enable/disable the “Post Edit” links (Edit this page – Edit with Visual Composer)
  • Added Ability for the theme to local-scroll to any element from external parts of the site. For example if you are using the local-scroll class in your menu items when on another page if you click on it it will go to that page then scroll to it smoothly
  • Added New filter ‘wpex_post_title_height’ to globally change the header height for the background style page title
  • Added Option to enable/disable video embeds for standard blog post entries
  • Added Borders to the custom menu widget when inserted into the footer
  • Added Option to alter the scroll to top arrow and arrow size
  • Added Italic option to Total Heading VC module
  • Added A bit more padding to buttons in the contact form 7 when using full-width
  • Updated Visual Composer
  • Updated Templatera
  • Updated LocalScroll functions to be better optimized and added new option to the the Visual Composer rows to define the “Local Scroll ID” which is better then using a standard ID because now the theme can update the window url hashtag and you can link to local scroll links from other urls and animate nicely when using the local-scroll class
  • Updated Cart upsells to display add to cart button
  • Updated Footer Reveal function to run after site load to prevent bugs with masonry grids or other javascript elements loaded on the page
  • Updated Post Type Editor (portfolio, staff, testimonials) so for the icon dropdown you can now select “Default” as an option and if any fields are empty they will save as empty and fallback to the original values
  • Updated Theme Panel so modules that are enabled by default aren’t saved in the theme_mods to slim down the theme_mods in the database – you can re-save your options in the Theme Panel for it to take affect on your site. You can open Theme Panel > Import/Export to see the difference before/after
  • Updated Footer builder so if you save a page as the footer then reset it it’s not storing an empty value in the theme_mods
  • Updated Footer builder to allow support for the reveal footer when using it
  • Updated Footer Reveal to use opacity for default hiding to allow for javascript functions to run correctly prior to displaying the footer
  • Updated Footer Reveal so it’s disabled if the footer is taller then the browser window which would cause issues with it not being visible completely
  • Updated Total Grid module filter javascript code to be a bit more optimized and updated core isotope script to version 2.2.2
  • Updated The way author avatars are added to the blog entries (when enabled) to fix some layout issues causes by the Total 3.0.0 update when the title was separated from the meta – please check any customizations you made to it since we removed the “header-with-avatar” classname and added the “entry-has-avatar” class instead
  • Removed Update notice for the Visual Composer on the front-end because it seemed to confuse a lot of customers for some reason
  • Removed Unneeded descriptions from custom widgets to slim down translation files
  • Fixed But where the Total VC custom heading module was adding the local-scroll-link class to links so they weren’t clickable
  • Fixed Spacing between the variation data listing on the WooCommerce cart for variable products
  • Fixed Issue With WooCommerce cart showing wrong thumbnail when adding a variation to the cart
  • Fixed Left/right arrows on the “Parade” iLightbox skin on mobile devices
  • Fixed Issue where the blog post tile wouldn’t display when the blog page header was set to display the post title. To disable the title now you will have to use the builder blocks
  • Fixed Carousel “flash” on chrome with the Total Carousel VC modules
  • Fixed Local Scroll issues when using Header style 2,3,4 or when the topbar was enabled
  • Fixed Missing 404 page content
No dev notes for this update.
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