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Total Theme v 3.0.8

Release Date: September 16, 2015
  • Added Basic support for the Sensei plugin
  • Added Ability to “link” staff members to WP usernames, currently it is used only for the blog post about the author bio avatar and link – see docs here
  • Added Ability to display the mobile menu toggle under the main logo and centered, this way you don’t have to use the max-width settings for the logo and you can keep your logo big 😉 Settings screenshot
  • Added Missing option to enable/disable social sharing for WooCommerce
  • Added New Key to the wpex_localize array “headerFiveSplitOffset” so you can change the offset of the centered logo in header 5 (aka move it spaces to the left of right)
  • Added Ability to display the post or page title or a custom field when using the Visual Composer Heading module – useful when replacing your page header
  • Added Custom class field for the Heading VC module
  • Added Width and Height fields to the social links module so you can give the links the exact size you want and prevent issues with smaller icons like the Facebook icon
  • Added Fallback to prevent issues when users save their custom post type options with an empty name
  • Updated CSS output so when you add a custom background or color to the site and are using the full-width template it removes the default header background so you can see the background through it
  • Updated Sidebar Mobile Menu searchbar color so it also replaces the focus color on the input and the search icon color
  • Updated Header Top/Bottom paddings so it affects the header overlay style as well
  • Updated Visual Composer to version
  • Updated Slider Revolution to version
  • Updated Notice for outdated Visual Composer so it displays a different notice for non-logged in or non-admin users (generic under maintenance notice) while it will display a more useful notice to logged in users.
  • Update The typography settings for the row to affect basic h1,h2,h3,h4 headings
  • Removed Visual Composer custom design tab even when “VC Theme Mode” is disabled because the theme uses custom elements for the row spacing/margin and custom styles for VC element defaults it can cause conflicts when editing these settings. You can always re-enable it via a simple filter (wpex_remove_vc_design_options) in your child theme if really wanted – but you’ve been warned!
  • Fixed Issue with missing string translations in WPML and Polylang
  • Fixed Theme Panel design issues in Safari
  • Fixed Issue with the copyright area still displaying (footer bottom) when using the Footer builder – it should be hidden. The theme will now remove ALL actions added to the footer hooks
  • Fixed Line Height issue with the Icon Boxes when giving them a fixed width/height and not defining a px value
  • Fixed Bug with the sidebar toggle menus not working correctly
  • Fixed Z-index bug with the Togglebar content
  • Fixed Menu Button going outside the menu in Header One when set as the last item of the menu without the search/woo icons active
  • Fixed Issue where mobile menu toggle would still display even if the main menu isn’t defined
  • Fixed Bug in firefox causing local scroll links to not highlight until they were 1 pixel past the element
  • Fixed Bug where after disabling Yoast breadcrumbs you still couldn’t use the default them breadcrumbs
  • Fixed Issue with the wpex_has_readmore filter not working correctly
No dev notes for this update.
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