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Total Theme v 2.1.3

Release Date: June 1, 2015
  • Added New wrapper vcex-blog-entry-inner to the Blog Grid VC entries
  • Added Option for “Speed” for the page animations
  • Added Ability to display the title in the testimonials grid entries
  • Added Overlay Options to the Image Grid Total VC module
  • Added New “Magnifying Hover” overlay option (displays a magnifying glass icon on hover – example)
  • Added Link on the post series title to the post series archive
  • Added New value to options table called “total_version” so I can check what the previous version was for advanced updates
  • Added Custom admin notice nag to make sure users update the Visual Composer plugin after updating their theme
  • Added Support for Events Calendar Pro (in other words tested all the Pro functions and they work well with Total)
  • Added Started adding some “Help” tabs to the admin dashboard with some useful links to the docs
  • Added Javascript to detect mobile devices and adds a class to the body called “is-mobile-device”
  • Added Filter “wpex_placeholder_img_src” so you can change the placeholder image if wanted for the admin category thumbnail
  • Added Meta option to the post types slider module
  • Added Post Meta layout block for the single portfolio posts
  • Added Visibility setting to the VC “Heading” Module
  • Added Font-Smoothing support for Firefox not just Chrome when font-smoothing is enabled in the Customizer under the Typography settings
  • Added Sale tag to products in the WooCommerce carousel entry that are on sale
  • Removed Customizer settings to disable social share on staff/portfolio posts because it’s not included in the single builder option
  • Removed Image rendering VC settings – it’s just bloat
  • Removed Unused function wpex_get_first_term
  • Updated Better logic for the local scroll offset
  • Updated Mobile menu sidebar opens on the right side by default now
  • Updated Combined some CSS styles/classes to trim things down a bit
  • Updated Moved page animations CSS into it’s own CSS file to slim down style.css
  • Updated Total Image Grid, Image Carousel, Image Slider and Image Gallery modules to prevent duplicate images from being displayed and updated method for adding custom links to prevent any warning so even if there are too many links and not enough images it won’t show an error
  • Updated Typography output so it hooks into the wpex_head_css filter instead of the wp_head action hook
  • Updated Theme to make use of .entry-title class and slim down the css a bit and globalize things
  • Updated Single Image VC module so when “linking to large” version it actually opens the full image size
  • Updated Enabled the Calendar, Archives and TagCloud modules in the Visual Composer
  • Updated Re-named parallax and video background classes to prevent possible conflicts with plugins
  • Updated Post Type Slider arrows when caption is set to under the image to prevent layout issues
  • Updated Author bio to output shortcodes
  • Updated Icon Box does not use an h2 anymore for the default Icon
  • Fixed Issue when selecting “Default” in the Typography settings for the Body font it would still use and load Open Sans instead of pulling the default font from the theme’s CSS
  • Fixed Issue with missing “Add Category” button
  • Fixed Site background to be added to the body tag instead of the outer-wrap
  • Fixed Issue With the Under Construction function not redirecting correctly
  • Fixed Image overlays not working on staff carousel
  • Fixed Attachment page layout issues
  • Fixed Javascript error with header styles 3 or 4 when main menu isn’t defined
  • Fixed Spacing issue with the WordPress gallery when using the Front-End VC editor
  • Fixed CSS for the header search drodown form to use em instead of px for the font size and removed fixed input height so that the font updates accordingly when altering the main body font size
  • Fixed Issue with lightbox not working correctly on single portfolio items set to display the featured image automatically
  • Fixed Layout issues with 1/3 columns on grids in Firefox when using custom spacing between the columns and the masonry grid
  • Fixed Broken input when adding HTML into the Page Settings subheading field
No dev notes for this update.
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