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Total Theme v 2.1.2

Release Date: May 11, 2015
  • Added Option to Theme Panel to remove the recommended plugins notice
  • Added Support for 7 columns for Total VC modules
  • Added Filter “wpex_footer_menu_location” so you can alter the footer menu location via a child theme
  • Added New function wpex_has_readmore() and filter ‘wpex_has_readmore’ so you can show/hide the read more button on blog posts based on advanced conditionals
  • Updated Sticky header function runs on window load instead of doc ready to make sure the whole site is loaded before the sticky header function runs
  • Updated Local scroll to hash (/#localscroll-ID) now runs on window ready to make sure all site elements are loaded prior to trying to scroll down to the section
  • Updated Shrink fixed header is disabled by default now
  • Updated Moved mobile toolbar in the mobile minimal lightbox skin to the bottom instead of the top
  • Removed All usage of wp_is_mobile since it conflicts with a lot of caching plugins
  • Fixed Issue with “blurry” parallax images on mobile devices when the mobile parallax was disabled
  • Fixed Sidebar style mobile menu issues on Samsung phones and some styling issues on all phones with having the menu at 100%
  • Fixed Lightbox js errors on touch devices
  • Fixed Bug with category background header image not displaying due to hook priority
  • Fixed Issue where the stretch row and content option would leave a 15px padding on the sides of the inner row
  • Fixed PHP error some users were getting “Call to undefined function wpex_get_post_layout()”
  • Fixed Issue with archive/category select widgets displaying screen-text
  • Fixed Issue with custom excerpts not escaping shortcodes that are manually added into text blocks in the Visual Composer
  • Fixed Javascript error on some versions of IE
  • Fixed Lightbox styles not working on WooCommerce with variations
  • Fixed Issue with MegaMenu main headings going outside the dropdown if they are too long, they will break into the next line now
  • Fixed Issue with retina logo going outside the container on the fixed “shrink” header if it was larger then 40px tall
  • Fixed Some small css bugs with the minimal lightbox skin caption
  • Fixed Issue with links not working for the manual font_awesome shortcode
No dev notes for this update.
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