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Total Theme v 2.0.1

Release Date: March 17, 2015
  • Added New class “no-composer” to the body classes that is added on any page that is not using the visual composer for additional css tweaking
  • Added Version number to enqueue statement for the theme’s style.css to hopefully prevent less caching issues in the future when people don’t properly clear their cache after updating
  • Removed Unused rtl.css file from main theme folder (should be loading rtl.css from css folder)
  • Removed Custom padding set to the “outline” VC Total button so it’s padding matches all other buttons
  • Removed Padding around boxed layout for phones because it just takes up space and looks bad
  • Updated Redirection function for custom URL’s to include an extra sanitation check
  • Updated Moved plugins folder from root into framework folder
  • Updated Search in header style 2 is now hidden by default but can be set visible via custom CSS
  • Updated Header style 2 search box and submit button to be a bit cleaner and removed some useless CSS
  • Updated CSS version numbers of scripts loaded in wp_head
  • Fixed Debug error if WPML was active but not the string translations plugin
  • Fixed Issue with “Footer Reveal” not displaying when page content is too small
  • Fixed Debug error on “Gaps” skin
  • Fixed Logo issues on Firefox with max-width
  • Fixed Issue with image alignments missing for the single image VC module
  • Fixed Broken image link caption on single image VC module
  • Fixed Archives widget custom selector text going outside the boundaries
  • Fixed Spacing issue with footer menu on boxed layout on phones
  • Fixed Month color not working in the recent news module
  • Fixed Some CSS W3C errors
  • Fixed Issue with blog entry header not echoing it’s $classes
  • Fixed Issue with single image gallery lightbox not working
  • Fixed Issue with next/previous links not linking to other items in the same category for all post types excerpt standard posts
  • Fixed Simple parallax design issues
No dev notes for this update.
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