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Total Theme v 1.5.0

Release Date: June 16, 2014
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin
  • Added Support for front-end Visual Composer – HOT!
  • Updated Live Demo pages to make sure they work with the front-end composer and updated Sample Data
  • Added New PSD file included with main design and all Visual Composer modules
  • Updated Customized Visual Composer Admin buttons to match admin skins
  • Updated Renamed the aq_resize function to wpex_image_resize to prevent conflicts because I’ve highly modified it
  • Fixed Blog grid layout issue from version 1.41
  • Updated Moved Skins into the “Styling” tab in the theme options panel and made it a dropdown to speed things up
  • Fixed Broken images from the last update if image cropping was disabled
  • Updated HUGE speed improvements for the theme panel
  • Updated Custom widget functions will now only load when really needed to speed some things up in the WP admin
  • Fixed Left/Right margin issue on centered content when using the full-screen page layout
  • Updated Masonry Grids to use same widths and margins as theme/visual composer grids
  • Fixed Pagination issue if the blog template is used as a static homepage
  • Updated Removed all inline javascript for masonry grids and added into global.js to optimize things
  • Added Equal height columns function, give the classname “equal-height-column” to any div in the same VC row
  • Added Class “flip-drops-smallscreen” for the menu to make dropdowns that open to the right open to the left on small screens
  • Updated Carousels now load when images are ready instead of window ready to speed things up
  • Added Masonry layout style for Image Grid
  • Updated Changed HTML for image grid to HTML5 figure and figcaption format
  • Updated Total composer custom grids to include no_found_rows argument on non paginated grids for speed
  • Updated Total composer grids so if there are less items then the # of columns the masonry js won’t be applied
  • Added New Filter “wpex_skins” to alter default theme skins array – see framework/ core-functions.php
  • Added Options to change the thumbnail height, width and border radius for the testimonials grid
  • Fixed Issue with top border missing in blog grid when featured image isn’t set
  • Added Full-Width Columns On Tablet option for rows to make all inner columns 100% on tablets
  • Added Pagination support for the recent news module
  • Added Columns support for the recent news module
  • Added Option in “Other” tab of the theme panel to enable/disable items (date, comments, author, category) from the post meta
  • Added New filter “wpex_posts_meta_options” to tweak the array of visible items for post meta
  • Added Ability to display post author in post meta (disabled by default – see “Other” tab)
  • Added Option in the admin panel to change the heading for the social sharing section “Please share this”
  • Updated WP_Head cleanup option so you can choose exactly what is removed
  • Updated Created new “Optimizations” tab in the theme panel and moved some options from “other” into this tab
  • Added Staff social links shortcode to the Visual Composer for displaying your staff links on single staff posts
No dev notes for this update.
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